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Portland Daycare Craft Ideas

15 December 2016

Looking for a fun, creative field trip for the children at your Portland Daycare? Portland is stuffed with fun arts and crafts venues that are both kid-friendly and inspiring. Check out a few of our favorites:


Ceramicafe Art Lounge

Kids get to paint their own pottery at Ceramicafe Art Lounge. All supplies are available at the studio and prices start at $6, depending on the items painted. Children need simply draw, and then paint on their work of pottery. Staff members at Cermaicafe then glaze the pieces for them so they’re ready to take home and show Mom and Dad.


My Masterpiece Art Studio

Just outside of Portland, in Beaverton, Oregon, is My Masterpiece Art Studio. Children can attend the Open Studio, where they’ll have space and supplies to create crafts and art to their hearts’ extent. There are also classes available at My Masterpiece Art Studio, where professionals teach children about different art forms. Open Studio prices range from $8 to $18.


The Craft Factory

At the Craft Factory, adults pay $12 ($2 off for first-timers!) per child and children choose one craft base and as many decorations for the craft as they’d like. Craft bases include things like crowns and robots.


Art a la Carte

Art a la Carte offers craft supplies set up like a salad buffet. Pay a one-time price ($9 to $11 per child) and let them grab as many art supplies as they can carry. Instead of offering classes or direction, Art a la Cart provides supplies sure to inspire creativity in any child. Sure, you could offer a similar idea at your own Portland daycare, but this fieldtrip option is sure less stressful in the cleanup department.


Green Bean Books

Inspire little ones at your Portland daycare to love literature with arts and crafts at Green Bean Books. The bookstore features crafts several times each month. Check out the store’s calendar for more specifics.



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