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Early Intervention Program Through Kidango

30 September 2013


Kidango is an early education and child care facility that offers top-notch programs to young children in the Bay area. They have 19 individual centers spread across San Francisco and its surrounding areas so, if you live in the Bay area, you’re bound to be near one. Kidango is especially known for their affordable child care and early education programs, focused on offering quality care to all participating children.


Kidango offers a special program for children with special needs. Available for children between the ages of birth and three years, the Early Intervention Program through Kidango strives to provide focused, individualized care for children.


The early education program is meant for those with developmental delays. Kidango has a staff of knowledgeable developmental specialists who are well informed and have plenty of experience working with kids with special needs.


The Early Intervention Program through Kidango is built on the knowledge that each child is different and has a special, unique way of learning. In order to make sure that each infant and toddler gets the specialized care that he or she needs, Kidango’s staff works with children, observing them carefully to find their strengths.


Regional Center clients may even be eligible for free services. Interested parents should contact Kidango for more information.




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