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The Rising Cost of Day Care in Austin

25 February 2014


Child care continues to cost more and more and Austin’s popularity is on the rise. These two trends mean the cost of day care in Austin, Texas is pretty steep. Competition is high, but bills are even bigger. They did say everything is bigger in Texas, right?


The average annual cost of day care in Austin (and Texas as a whole) is actually more than the average annual cost of tuition at public institutions. The yearly cost of sending a baby to day care is $7,850, where as the average tuition cost in Texas is $7,743 per year. Talk about an arm and a leg!


If you have two kids, the cost gets even more unbelievable. As of 2012, the cost of sending two kids to day care came in above what the average family spent on annual rent. Now, add college savings into the equation and you’ll know just how important it is to save every dime you possibly can on the high cost of child care.


So how can you save on the cost of day care in Austin or any other parts of Texas? At Mom Trusted, we’re devoted to bringing you options. We offer a variety of choices for affordable child care, in your area. You can decide based on details such as learning philosophy, cost and distance from your house. Visit our search tool now to find your perfect match.



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-Photo courtesy of Master isolated images/freedigitalphotos.net

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