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Child Care in Chicago that Loves the Environment

29 August 2013

Parents looking to instill respect and love for the world around us in their children need look no further for the perfect day care center. Mom Trusted has put together this detailed list of eco-friendly and nature-loving options for child care in Chicago.


Little Green Tree House

The Little Green Tree House is an early childhood education center that welcomes children over six weeks and under five years of age. The program offers child care in Chicago while teaching environmental consciousness. They’re proud to call themselves the first eco-friendly option for child care in Chicago and the surrounding Chicagoland area. Kids eat organic, seasonal meals and snacks at the Little Green Tree House.


Rainforest Learning Center

Rainforest Learning Center’s Environmental School for the Arts offers preschool and child care in Chicago. Located in the South Loop and Logan Square, the program teaches through discovery and art. Field Trips are often at places such as the zoo, aquarium and nature walks. Rainforest uses nature and art to teach about various culture and inspire artistic creativity.


Chicago Green Home Day Care

Chicago Green Home Day Care offers child care in Chicago for kids ages three months to four years old. It inspires learning through a weekly theme-based curriculum. Kids at Chicago Green Home Day Care are fed organic meals and snacks and play and learn in an environment that uses only all-natural cleaners and detergents. All children also enjoy daily trips to the park, where they can play outdoors.


Want more options? Visit Mom Trusted to see even more options for child care in Chicago.





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