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Halloween Party Decoration Idea: Disco Pumpkin

24 October 2017

pump lead

Carving pumpkins is tons of fun (and the tools have gotten ridiculously better since I was a kid!) but it sure is messy, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like a great idea to put all those sharp tools into tiny hands!

pump 1

While the grown ups are carving, and sorting the pumpkin seeds for a treat later, consider this alternative for the little guys. We used a metallic tape from the basement (I think it’s probably used for duct work – but it wasn’t duct tape). The tape is adhesive with a backing on it, like a sticker. Anything that is backed (think contact paper, adhesive vinyl, etc) will work!

pump 2

Cut your stickers into lots of little shapes. We choose squares, since the silver is disco-ball-esque. (Plus: squares are easy to cut!  We cut long strips, then snipped them into tiny squares).

pump 3

Let your kid peel and stick (and peel and stick and peel and stick) until you have a masterpiece on your hands!

pump 4

It’s a great way to keep little hands busy! A non-carved pumpkin will probably last longer than a jack-o-lantern, but still has that bright orange Fall appeal.

pump 5 Meanwhile, if you ARE carving up some of the pumpkins: toast those seeds up and then chow down!

pump 7

We did ours at 350 for about half an hour. Then we salted, and let them cool before we got into them. Yum!

pump 6

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