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Child Care Phone Skills to Increase Your Enrollments

14 November 2014


The first live contact that you may have can be from prospective parents who would like their child to be enrolled in your facility will be through the phone. It is very vital that you get most out of each call as you spend most of your child care marketing dollars to make the phone ring. Good child care phone skills can increase your enrollments and overall child care success.


There are three vital questions to successfully start each phone call that you receive.

  • First, get the caller’s name. Ask “May I have you name, please?” Why ask for the name? By nature, people love to hear the sound of their own name. Most of the time, once you answer the phone, the caller will immediately ask you questions which may trigger you to forget to ask for the caller’s name. In this case, do not forget to take control of the call, defer the question until you get the name.

  • After the caller gives his name, confidently ask for the second vital information, his phone number.

  • Once you got the caller’s name and phone number, next step would be addressing his concern.  Politely ask “May I ask you, what prompted you to call us today?”  By using open ended questions, you can get as many information as you can.  This question starts the flow of the call and this can also determine what type of conversation you’re going to have – which can vary based on the concern the caller is going to say.  If the information given by the caller is not clear, you can also ask “Could you tell me a bit more about that?”.  In this manner, you’re probing with friendly customer service oriented questions or building rapport.


Looking for more ideas for getting more kids in your child care center or daycare? Click here!  Plus, be sure to think about your child care customer acquisition process and other options for your child care online marketing.


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