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How Child Care Providers Can Benefit from CHALK Preschool

10 April 2014

CHALK Preschool offers valuable learning opportunities for child care providers across the country. Use the online preschool program for games, songs, fun printables and even lesson plan ideas. Best of all, it won’t cost you a dime. All of the activities and early education material on the site is 100 percent free. Here are all of the tools you can take away from CHALK to share with your own children at your day care or child care center:



Learn fun, educational, catchy songs on CHALK’s website. Focus on literacy-themed ones that teach the alphabet, with an animal-themed version of the abcs, or vowels. There are also songs for older kids, such as one about the weather that teaches children to spell weather-related words. Sing about everything from the sun to waving.


Arts and Crafts

Visit the art section of the preschool tab. Here, you’ll find different ideas for arts and crafts to do with the kids at your care center. For example, one craft CHALK recommends is a friendship collage, in which children cut and paste pictures of friends, family and pets onto a sheet of paper. They can then decorate it and bring it home to show Mom and Dad.



Each song and lesson is demonstrated or explained through bright and visual videos. But don’t let that lead you to believe that CHALK is about screen time. Its activities are highly hands-on and, if you’d rather your child care kids stay away from the computer, you could always learn the games, activities and songs yourself and teach them to your little ones later.



CHALK Preschool offers printable options that you can make copies of to share with the children at your day care. Some sheets are for coloring, while others are for charting information, such as the weather or temperature. All of them are educational.



The Parent Portal section of the website is geared toward parents, but offers plenty of tips that care providers can take advantage of as well. Read up on advice to help kids eat healthier, master manners and even learning math with snacks.


Because CHALK Preschool offers different lessons for each age group, care providers can register accounts under different ages. This way, you can get song, craft and game ideas for a wide range of ages. Plus, lesson plans change daily so you’ll have new lessons at your fingertips on a regular basis. To get started, simply visit CHALK’s website and enroll.

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