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7 Coolest Gardening Tools For Mom

17 March 2020

During all seasons you can generally find Mom pottering about in the garden. There’s always something to do all year round, from feeding the birds through the winter, prepping the flowerbeds in spring, enjoying the sun in the summer and collecting leaves through autumn. Seeing how Mom always seems to be doing something in the garden we have put together 7 of the coolest gardening tools for mom.

Garden Seat

The majority of our gardening is done down at ground level. Whether repotting or planting our favourite flowers or shrubs to pruning and caring for our plants even the dreaded task of weeding has to be done down on the ground. We can try and avoid getting down there using a variety of different tools but sometimes you can’t avoid getting low. Look at investing in a garden seat. These usually have large wheels to scoot around on whilst still being sat down removing the task of repetitive bending and getting up and down. They generally have space to put a few bits in under the seat within easy reach. You can store pulled weeds until you have a sizeable amount to take to the bin and a few tools to help with your gardening mission.

Nail Pullers

Nail pullers are fantastic at removing nails from just about anything. They do the job of the claw from a claw hammer only better. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes from traditional claw shape with a long lever nail puller, to ones with a mechanical element that use a drill to screw and pull the nail out and even ratchet type nail pullers. Look for something that suits your needs as you probably won’t need something as industrial for small garden jobs, but you may if you have large wooden structure or fences with big nails in. According to the tools related website Tools Diary, the basic nail puller will look something like a hammer and a crowbar and are inexpensive.

Clawed Finger Gloves

These resemble you traditional gardening gloves but with a twist. The have hard clawed nails extending from the fingertips. These may look cumbersome but are in fact very helpful at a variety of gardening jobs such as creating ditches and rows for seeds, weeding, poking and prodding. These are cut resistant and waterproof which means you have stay clean and dry whist digging through the dirt. Protecting the hands from sharp stones, thorns and any insects that might be lurking around your flower beds.

Watering Wand

There are many different watering wands that can help make your gardening easier and more efficient. They are an extension of your garden hose to help water your gardens and plants. A range of different sizes from fixed long watering wands for reaching high hanging baskets and the back of flower beds to telescopic wands for easy stowage and manoeuvrability. Choose from a set spray to a multi spray wand, all designed for different tasks. You can even choose the type of trigger or switch for the water depending on how big the watering job is to improve the comfort and usability. These will be welcomed by any mom.

Tool Kit

A small garden tool kit will always be valued. A tool kit that your mom can call her own as usually family members may use some of the tools without putting them back. Mom having her own set, only to be used by her prevents items from it going missing. Your basic tool set will usually include a small fork, 2 different sized trowels, hand rake, spray bottle and gloves. Look for a set that has its own tool belt, box or buckets so they can easily be stored and moved around the garden.

Hand Pruners

A strong durable pair for pruners for attending to her flowers, shrubs and bushes. An invaluable tool that is used much more than you would think. Look for a pair that have an ergonomic rubber handles for good grip in the wet. You can even find some with a ratchet in the handle to help make cutting the bigger branches for shrubs nice an easy.

Garden Sprinkler

Having a good garden sprinkler with a good range helps keep your lawn green and stops your flowers from being thirsty. Make sure you choose a sprinkler with the correct attachment for your garden hose as you do not want to set it up and then have to make a separate trip to the store.

Final Thoughts

We all want to make our moms life that little bit easier, we also don’t want to buy something that will be left in the shed and never used. So, with our 7 coolest gardening tools for mom we hope that she will enjoy and make good use of her garden tools. She may already have some of the tools listed so have a look before you go out and get her something.

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