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About us

Mom Trusted is a community and set of tools created to help parents searching for early education and care. We bring together parents and providers to help kids learn and grow. We recognize there is no one size fits all solution. It is about finding what is right for each family. Mom Trusted gives parents personalized tools to find that 'right' fit.

For parents – Mom Trusted helps you find and research local early learning and care solutions from preschools to babysitters by combining detailed provider information with local parent reviews. Our recommendation engine gives you personalized results based on your needs and the knowledge and recommendations of parents like you. Knowing information alone can take you only so far, Mom Trusted connects you to local parents like you for support, ideas, help, a play date, or maybe even a few new friends. Search Now

For providers – Mom Trusted makes finding parents easier. Mom Trusted provides business tools that help you find, be in front of, and connect with searching parents earlier and more cost effectively. We provide free and premium tools that can be turned on or off at any time, so you can choose what's right for your business.

Our mission

At Mom Trusted, we are driven by our mission to "Help kids learn and grow by empowering parents and providers." We believe in the power of education and that every child deserves to be well cared for and loved.

Our Story

As parents of two little ones we understand all the great, and not so great, things that come with being a parent. When we needed to find care for our daughter, we experienced first hand the anxiety and frustration that far too many parents are forced to go through. For us, it was a painful 4-month process. We stumbled upon a great provider, but this decision is too important to leave to chance. Unfortunately, we quickly found that we were not alone...millions of parents face the same problem every year. So, we set out to create a better way - a solution that fit how young parents live, interact, use technology, and want to solve this problem. We started by seeing a problem parents face, but along the way we discovered providers also faced many significant challenges and needed innovative solutions. With help from parents and providers across the country we created a very new solution - Mom Trusted.

The Mom Trusted Team

Chaz Giles
CEO and Co-Founder
Chaz smiles when he hears “Love you daddy”.
Chaz is a problem solver who believes early education is super important. Chaz spent the last 10 years helping moms & start-ups. Before MomTrusted he invested in and incubated early stage technology companies at Citi Ventures. Prior to Citi Ventures Chaz helped build one of Procter & Gamble’s billion dollar brands and was later responsible for building P&G’s new businesses in their FutureWorks group.
Angela Conley
President and Co-Founder
Angela smiles when jumping as high as she can on the trampoline with her kiddos.
Angela is a socially conscious web entrepreneur and sociologist. She spent many hours using her research background to understand the problems parents and providers face today and what it takes to solve them. Angela continues touching parents and care providers through early education initiatives, social media, and visual activity-based content for families.
Pavel Tsiukhtsiayeu
Engineering Manager
Pavel smiles when feel breathtaking acceleration.
As the first engineer at Mom Trusted, Pavel is a meticulous engineering leader who loves challenges. He is responsible for making sure all of features on the platform are working perfectly. Besides work, he also enjoy snowboarding, rollerblading, and playing drums, guitar, and Starcraft 2.
Neil Soni
Business Development Manager
Neil smiles when learning something new.
Neil is an internet entrepreneur, passionate about using technology to improve the world. Neil has started several companies in the past and was named a finalist for 2012 College Entrepreneur of the Year by Entrepreneur Magazine. He enjoys helping young people achieve their potential and is the founder of the Northwest High School Alumni Association.
Vladislav Rovda
Software Engineer
Vlad smiles when wife makes surprises for him.
Vlad is a enthusiastiс RoR software engineer that started his career in QA but quickly realized that creating beautiful web-applications is more exciting. He is family man and vegetarian. He likes to ride bicycle in summer, ski in winter, and is dedicated to personal growth.
Vladimir Minchenkov
Software Engineer
Vladimir smiles when playing with his five maine coons.
Vladimir has more than 5 years experience in web software development. He spent his first part of career in consulting projects but now his main project is his family.
Khaldun Taib
Business Development
Khaldun smiles because he smiled too much as a kid and his face got stuck like that.
A graduate of the University of Maryland majoring in Accounting with an emphasis on Fantasy Football, Khaldun is a young professional who is passionate about finding solutions to everyday problems and making people smile. Moving all around the East Coast in his younger years, Khaldun is a product of new experiences, cultures, and people. Khaldun loves meeting and talking with new and old friends and is an especially gifted napper. Khaldun puts the 'elation' in Customer Relations.