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5 Essential Things To Take Care For Your Newborn

17 March 2020

Introducing a new baby from the hospital can be an overwhelming experience. In this notable milestone, you can make your life and that of the baby a little easier. Many new parents often have the feeling of purchasing just one more thing to add to their collection. However, humans have survived long before some novelty items such as pacifiers and humidifiers came into the market. Therefore, you won’t find such items on this list.

Truth is, you are never truly prepared, but it’s impractical to buy everything. Sure, there’s plenty of advice out there on what’s required to be prepared, and most lists don’t give the essentials. Your baby only needs most of the items listed here and lots of love throughout. Some things such as diapers are obvious, but others can be overlooked or substituted. If you’re expecting, it’s not always clear on what’s absolutely necessary and what’s just nice to have. Stressing out over such things is perfectly normal, but resist the urge of worrying about non-essentials. To help out new parents, here’s a list of essentials you must have to take care of your baby:

1. Baby bassinet (Crib)
The safest place for your infant to sleep is in your bedroom, but not on your bed. A baby bassinet cocoons the little one in safety, away from choking hazards like stuffed toys. A crib will let your child rest their weary head soundly or provide a safe place for them to play. In addition, dress the little one in soft pajamas or sleepers to keep them comfortable as they sleep.

If you opt not to have your baby sleeping in the same room as you: then a baby monitor will give you a convenient way of keeping an eye on the little one. Read more at Baby Gadget Lab.

2. Feeding essentials
If your child is still suckling, then you won’t need much in terms of supplies. However, nursing bras, breast pads, nipple creams, and pillows are nice conveniences to keep the breastfeeding mother as comfortable as possible. As the baby grows, you’ll need items such as feeding bottles with nipples, burp cloths, and formula.

Always ensure that the formula isn’t past its expiration date when using it to nourish your child after the first 6 months of exclusively breastfeeding. Burp clothes reduce the chances of staining apparel with baby food.

3. Medical care supplies
Some basic medical-care supplies are insisted upon for every parent. A thermometer is always recommended, to keep track of the baby’s temperature. Temperature above or below the mean is a tell-tell sign that the baby might be sick, so you’ll always be proactive in your approach. What’s more, most pediatricians request that you take the temperature before booking an appointment.

Ask the doctor which baby medicine to keep, always check the expiration date, and restock as needed. Get a bulb syringe to help suction out mucous. You can opt for nail clippers, files, or scissors to cut nails, thus preventing your baby from scratching and hurting themselves.

4. Bathing supplies
To clean your baby, you need the most effective tools to make your life a little easier. Most parents opt for plastic infant tubs to cleanse them. Baby safe cleaning supplies (shampoo and lotion), washcloths, and towels are also recommended. Hooded towels are not only cute but are also a great way to keep your little one warm after bathing. Ensure the baby’s bathwater is just right (not too hot or cold) using a bath thermometer.

5. Clothing
Newborn babies need a change of clothes now and then. One of the most essential clothing items is diapers. These apparels come in various sizes, and you have to go a size larger in accordance with the child’s weight. For diaper rash, you can use wipes, baby ointment and creams to counter. Other recommended clothing items include gowns for use until the umbilical cord falls off, socks, blankets, strollers, carriers and outfits for home or traveling.

Onesies are also great to have because they are easy to put on and take off your newborn. If it gets cold, put some pants, shoes, coats, and socks on the baby over the onesie to keep them warm. Newborns also tend to lose heat through their heads. For that, get an appropriate hat, like a beanie to keep them warm. If going out to enjoy the sunshine, invest in a sun hat for your baby to shield them from sunburn.

If you are bound to travel with your baby in a vehicle, it’s advisable that you get an appropriate car seat for it. It’s even a mandatory requirement in some states, and the doctors won’t allow a parent to be discharged from the hospital with their baby without such equipment. The most prudent way to place your baby on the recommended seat is by them facing backward in a vehicle.

Needless to say, there are many more items left out from this list (for example here are some great baby play mat reviews by My Babies Planet). Preparing for your baby’s arrival can get expensive really fast. You can ask for baby essentials or hand-me-downs from family and friends to ease the cost. Thrift stores are also a great way to cut costs. Start with the essentials on this list, and you are adequately prepared for the arrival of a new member to your family.

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