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Pre School Ideas and Activities to Fill the Days with Learning

19 December 2018

We have TONS of fun preschool activities and ideas over at earlylearning.momtrusted.com. From art projects for preschoolers to science for toddlers, there are so many ideas to get your kids using their hands and engaging their brains.

Looking for even more pre school ideas? Head over to education.com/activity/preschool. They have an abundance of resources for anyone interested in working with kids of any age. You can select resources by type (i.e. worksheets, games, workbooks, activities, lesson plans, songs, stories, or exercises), grade level, subject (math, reading, writing, social studies), or if you are looking for extras such as arts and crafts, recipes, offline games, or holiday and seasonal activities, you can search for those too!

The activities are usually explained very well in step by step form and contain at least one picture. There is also a link for what the activity has been rated by other users. These activities can also be downloaded and added to an online collection that you can create and refer to later on.

If you are in need of pre school ideas for teaching in your home or in a school or day care, successforall.org’s Curiosity Corner may be a good place to start. It is great for a teacher to begin teaching with a curriculum that has already been written and reviewed by many professionals. The great thing about these curriculums is the ability to adjust them and make them your own. Curiosity Corner is a program developed by the Success For All Foundation.

The program focuses on building skills that help students talk, imagine, and discover through curiosity and using fun characters such as Curiosity the Cat, Chilly the Penguin, and Squeaky the Squirrel. In this curriculum, there is a strong focus on developing oral-language and vocabulary development which has proven to be very important in younger stages of cognitive growth. The program also integrates social-emotional development through student interaction and partner work. If you are a teacher, there is a plethora of professional development and training so that you can get the program started.

The Stay-At-Home-Mom Survival Guide has some great resources for stay-at-home-moms: Stay at home mom preschool activities. There are some fun and creative ideas on there that I have not seen elsewhere.

JumpStart.com has a very organized and condensed site that is easy to navigate and gives you pre school ideas quickly. I did have some trouble with some of the links not working but that may have been an error on my end. The most important thing to remember about working with pre school age children is that you need to provide a variety of fun and safe experiences for them in order for them to grow into happy and healthy kids.

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