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Preschool Coloring Pages

24 March 2020

While adult coloring books are a newish phenomenon, preschool coloring pages are nothing new. If you notice, when a little kid is coloring, it may be the only time they actually sit still and focus intently on something for a few minutes at a time. At the time, it may seem like some sort of magic. While coloring is beneficial for preschool age children to learn colors and practice small motor movements, it can also help them develop many life skills. Coloring activities develop brain capacity in early- childhood. Art engages the senses and enhances cognitive (thinking, reading, learning, remembering, reasoning, and paying attention), social-emotional (expressive behavior and managing emotions), and multi-sensory skills (using two or more of the senses in one activity).

Checkout colorpsychology.com for a list of 10 benefits of coloring. As discussed previously, coloring not only refines motor skills. In this article titled, 10 Benefits of Coloring Pages for Kids’ Psychology and Development, they list that, with preschool coloring pages, you can prepare students for school, stimulate creativity, develop better handwriting, identify various colors, improve focus, enhance hand to eye coordination, practice spacial awareness with boundaries, improve self-esteem, allow for self-expression, and provide stress relief.

If you are looking for preschool coloring pages, one of the easiest things to do is search for preschool coloring pages in Google images. If you want more quality coloring pages without having to dig through a bunch of random images, I have tried to compile some good websites for your viewing pleasure.

At Crayola.com, they have TONS of free and printable coloring pages. You can click on any of the many provided links to get specific themed pages of your choice. Some examples of these include: seasons, holidays, people, animals, plants, Disney, adult coloring pages (if you’d like to take a few minutes to yourself), celebrations, places, science, sports, vehicles, words and letters, and tracing.

Another great site for coloring pages that could be used for educational purposes is http://www.dltk-kids.com/coloring.htm. There are many links that could be paired with a lesson plan or educational activity at home or in a daycare environment. Another cool feature is that when you click on a link such as, Pirate Coloring Pages, they list related coloring and word tracing practice sheets that you could use as well as the pirate coloring page. You also have the option to print them in color (if the student is just working on handwriting) or in black and white (where the student would be able to color upon finishing tracing practice). This site would be great for building your own curriculum for preschool children if you wanted to.

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