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Child Care Rebate

21 November 2013

Right now, we’re offering a special deal to our favorite parents. When you enroll in one of our featured child care or preschool programs, you’ll receive $50 back in the form of an enrollment card. You can receive your child care rebate by following these simple steps:


1. Find the child care center you’re going to enroll in and click the Get $50 for Enrolling Here button. Then, we’ll send an email to your account with further instructions. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, just send us one and let us know.


2. Let your center know that we helped you find them, here at Mom Trusted.


3. Submit your claim to us. Once you’ve officially enrolled in the day care or preschool, let us know it’s official. Simply fill out the form linked from your confirmation email.


4. Sit back and relax while we take care of the details. After you’ve filled out the form, hang tight. Let us check all of the necessary details. We’ll be sticking to these rules and requirements.


5. Receive your child care rebate. It will usually take between four and six weeks for your reward to reach you. Once it does, congratulations! You’ve saved $50 on the steep costs of child care.

Are you a child care or daycare provider who would like to be part of our child care rebate program? Great! Just email Neil or call us at (888) 289-5236 x706.

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