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Phoenix, AZ 85014


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Subjects: Chemistry Lessons, Vocabulary Lessons, Grammar Lessons, Geometry Lessons, Reading Lessons, Writing Lessons, English Lessons, Spelling Lessons, Elementary Math Lessons, Elementary science Lessons, Elementary (K-6th) Lessons, Study Skills Lessons, Special Needs Lessons, and Dyslexia Lessons

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Tutoring the way YOU learn!

You want a tutor to help you master your coursework. It’s all about you and how you learn. What previous knowledge will help you understand your studies? How can you use your personal learning style to ace the course? Why do you forget everything in a test… and then have the “I should have answered…” experience after the test?

Do you want someone who specializes in finding ways to make your studies easier for you? Someone with over 15 years of experience making things work even for …

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Nick W. from Phoenix, AZ Attending ASU. Had not had a math class in four years. Always struggled and had difficulty taking math and math tests. Enrolled in a refresher course and having difficulty understanding concepts. Very patient and took time to asses my needs. Used student tutors in the past, but they couldn't assess where I was having difficulty and prepare for a test. I researched to find someone who understood learning difficulties. I passed the math final. He showed me some online links to maintain my skills for this summer. I plan on using him again in the fall for my main math class.

verified wyzant user

Andrew M. from Glendale, AZ I have really enjoyed the experience with Maurice, he is exactly what my son needs at this time, his teaching style is awesome and his willingness to be accommodating is more than I could have expected.

verified wyzant user

Becky M. from Phoenix, AZ Gets to the point, and covered a lot of material the first hour. I like that he already has an understanding of the Insurance industry.

verified wyzant user

Maria N. from Scottsdale, AZ My son has been struggling with Physical Science the whole semester but when he met Maurice, things really turned around. Maurice is able to explain the concepts simply and clearly to him. He is very patient. The best part is that they discuss the lesson before it is discussed in class. This helps my son understand everything better. He was a D student and now is a B student. Thanks to Maurice, we are still working on getting that grade higher. With how things are going, that will not take long.

verified wyzant user

Brett G. from Tempe, AZ Maurice is a very great tutor. Without him I would not have been able to pass my real estate finance class. What I enjoyed about him as well is he will work on finance problems when time runs out until he knows it's right and that I understand it. Helped me pass my final exam as well. I highly recommend him if you're having a tough time. He makes it way easier.

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