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Price starts at: $125

Subjects: Biology Lessons and Chemistry Lessons

Travel policy: Will travel within 6 miles of New York, NY 10010

Wyzant Tutor Rating: 5 of 5 (177 ratings total)

Expert Tutor for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Genetics, & More!

Update: I am currently tutoring at my capacity, and to ensure that my current students all receive the attention and time they need I am not accepting any new students. However, I am accepting inquiries for students to be waitlisted for after May 2015 (APs, SAT2s, Final exams) and Summer session courses)


I’m a MENSA member who loves to see students that care get the help they need. I prefer to use analogies, mnemonic devices, and drawings when I teach, so if you learn best through see…

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3 weeks - 17 years
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verified wyzant user

Janet W. from New York, NY Christopher B. is a fantastic organic chemistry tutor. He went out of his way to tutor my son, who had a number of questions. Chris provided in depth and very thorough answers and explanations. Even one session was enough to jump start things and allow my son to not only get ahead, but also have confidence to tackle more of the tough problem sets himself.

verified wyzant user

Elaine S. from Forest Hills, NY Christopher B. is a flexible and accommodating tutor who is teaching me how to tackle chemistry problems by truly understanding what they ask of me, and, unlike lecture, he makes the material truly digestible. He also keeps in touch through email and spends a good deal of time preparing for our sessions. I highly recommend this tutor for science subjects in general.

verified wyzant user

Maria I. from Brooklyn, NY Amazing tutor, helps you a lot and makes the subject understandable and interesting. Dedicated and hard working. Intelligent and funny.

verified wyzant user

Dakota B. from New York, NY Christopher was a positive result of looking for a tutor on line. He was on time and very knowledgeable about chemistry. We are very pleased.

verified wyzant user

Jaideep M. from Forest Hills, NY Chris is an excellent tutor. He is very patient and understanding and works with the student every step of the way to make sure he/she fully understands what is being taught. I particularly like his "white-board" approach, which ensures a multi-pronged approach to content delivery via diagrams on a portable white-board. I highly recommend him.

verified wyzant user

Seid R. from Elmhurst, NY Chris has been helping my son prepare for his Chemistry Regents exam. It's pretty obvious that Chris has real passion for teaching, and has talent in conveying tough concepts in a way that's easy to understand. Despite the fact that we didn't have a lot of time to work with, Chris was able to put together an effective lesson plan that gave my son the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed on his exam.

verified wyzant user

Anna G. from Fair Lawn, NJ Chris is a fantastic tutor! He is presently working with my daughter in AP Biology, he is very knowledgeable in this subject, patient, and very professional. He is also caring and creative in trying to come up with different methods to help my child do well on her AP quizzes and tests.

verified wyzant user

Katie Q. from New York, NY I reached out to Chris after returning to school and, quite frankly, failing my first exams in Chemistry and Biology (pre-med). I was having trouble digesting the material taught in the lectures and did not know how to approach the topics I did not understand. It is clear that Chris has a thorough understanding and passion for math and science, and as so, was able to break down difficult material in different ways that catered to how I learned best. He is a very friendly and personable guy ? you can tell that he really enjoys teaching others and gets joy from students understanding the material and doing well. I found myself enjoying the material I once found impossible. After meeting regularly with Chris, I aced my finals and, despite my poor ?pre-Chris? test scores, was able to finish the semester with a B+ in Biology and an A in Chemistry. I am confident that the learning tools I have gained from Chris, in addition to starting sessions with him before my first exams this semester, will allow me to ace my future pre-med courses. Additionally, Chris is extremely reliable, easy to contact, and encourages you to reach out to him outside of sessions if any questions arise when studying.

verified wyzant user

Leslie B. from Forest Hills, NY Christopher continues to exhibit patience and uses multiple teaching techniques to explain the subject. He is reliable and keeps his appointments; if he is delayed due to public transportation he immediately contacts us. However, the majority of the time he arrives five minutes before the lesson is scheduled to start. At the start of the school year my son was barely passing biology and could not focus on the topic. The school year ended and my son passed the NYS Regents with a good grade and did well in the course grade. The tutoring played a critical difference in his ability to learn biology.

verified wyzant user

Grace K. from New York, NY During the Spring 2013 semester, I took a Principles of Biology course as a requisite for applying to graduate school as a second-career student. Having taken HS bio over 20 years ago and coming from a strong humanities background, I was in need of, not only a refresher course, but a teaching of basic biology concepts from the ground up to bring me to speed in my college-level bio class within a very short period of time. During our first session, Christopher gauged quickly and accurately my understanding level and created an overall study strategy that combined learning basic biology while keeping up with my class's much more advanced material. During our sessions, Christopher exhibited a thorough knowledge of all of the material, using tons of easily understood examples and analogies to illustrate the more abstract and difficult concepts. I appreciated Christopher's effective use of resources during our sessions, including use of a dry erase board and various digital resources. Christopher was also extremely reliable - always on time and readily accessible. We were able to Skype several sessions as well as meeting in person, which was very convenient for my schedule. I went from failing my first exam (pre-tutoring) to receiving an A in the class. I literally would not have passed Bio without Christopher's tutelage, much less received an A. I was ultimately accepted into every graduate program to which I applied. Christopher is the epitome of an educator - someone with an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge who is able to understand where you're coming from and teach the material in a way you will grasp it. His dedication to helping each of his clients is readily apparent - he understands how important this is to you, and is genuinely committed to your success. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone!

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