Jellybean Daycare & Preschool

Preschool in Saline, MI 48176

Jellybean Daycare & Preschool is a place where your child will learn while they have fun. A place where they feel at home. A place to make friends and learn new things. A place where they will be hugged, rocked, tickled, and read to by their teachers. A place where they will be loved.

Child Ages:
6 weeks - 6 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
Great Start Program - 4 star
Licensed by the State of Michigan
This provider does not accept vouchers
Children per Teacher:
Infant: 3/1, Toddler: 3/1, Pre k: 5/1, Afterschool: -/-
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 6:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m

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Jellybean uses a play-based approach to curriculum. Does this mean that all we do all day is play? Well yes and no. Children learn so much through play. Observations have shown that children learn by doing, so the more they get to play with things the more they learn.

For example a child may be playing in the block area with cars and ramps. While this child is playing he is also learning about physics when he sees how fast the cars go down different ramps, math when he counts how many cars are in the traffic jam, colors by sorting the cars into different colors, and problem solving by deciding how to build these ramps for the cars.

Teachers will ask open ended questions to observe what and how the child is learning and help them problem solve. Teachers will use this information to expand on the child’s interest with cars and ramps and help them in areas where they may need it.

Jellybean creates this atmosphere with 3 main components: the environment, interactions with teachers and children, and experiences. Our environment is set up where children can make their own choices. We have different interest areas that the children can go to freely where teachers provide different levels of challenges to meet children’s needs. We have an outdoor environment as well where children can choose to go outside if that is where they want where teachers will also have opportunities for learning. We offer open snack so when children are hungry they can get their own snack and eat on their time. There are only a few times a day when children are asked to come together when it is time to be a group.

Which leads us to our second component: interaction with teachers and other children. Interactions with teachers and children is also very important. We will come together two times a day as a group to talk about numerous things. This is a chance for children to be heard whether it is to talk about what their plans are for the day or maybe do some problem solving. We will also come together for lunch. This is a time for children to learn important social skills like manners. Teachers will be available to children all day when they need them. It is important for the children to know that we support and respect them. We want children to do the work that they find important not what the teacher directs them to do. Teachers will intervene when they see that play has become unsafe, unfocused, or destructive.

Lastly, the experiences at Jellybean are so important to making a child feel special. Children have teachers who create a nurturing environment for children to experience what they want. The more hands on opportunities that children have the more they are learning. Jellybean wants to provide the experiences that our children desire. We want to nurture them so they can be all they can be.


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