Bullfrogs & Butterflies Christian Learning Center & Preschool

Preschool in Portage, MI 49024

5902 S. 12th Street
Portage, MI 49024
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Bullfrogs & Butterflies Christian Learning Center is a privately owned and operated child care facility dedicated to the highest quality programming and care for all children.

Bullfrogs & Butterflies is not affiliated with any church. We teach non-denominational Christian values and pray before meals.

Our preschool program is rated a 5 stars by Great Start to Quality!!! http://www.greatstarttoquality.org/parents

Child Ages:
6 weeks - 12 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
We are licensed by the State of Michigan. We are GSRP and KCReady4's qualified.
This provider accepts vouchers
Children per Teacher:
Infant: 4/1, Toddler: 4/1, Pre k: 9/1, Afterschool: 18/1
Hours of Operation:
We are open Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

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Our programs and curriculum are designed to support the developmental needs of each child in an age appropriate and supportive environment.



All the staff is wonderful and patient and my son LOVES going to school each day. They are very hands on with lots of projects and he is already counting to 10 and singing alphabet right at 2 years old! I love that I get to check up on him any time I want with the cameras. I looked hard before choosing this preschool and it’s met all of my expectations and more. I’d highly recommend coming here. You get what you pay for.

Megan Bly

This daycare center has been a great fit for our family. They offer perfect hours and the staff is wonderful. Our little girl started when she was just 12 weeks old and is now a growing 17 month old. The teachers love on the kiddos daily and you can tell they truly enjoy their jobs! I would definitely recommend this center to families in the area.


Our son has challenges that not all children experience. Staff have been supportive, accepting, and very caring towards our son. This has not been his experience in most settings. He is enrolled before and after school as well as during breaks. While at Bullfrogs & Butterflies, he appears to be happy and learning! This is what matters most to us!


My daughter has learned so many things in the last 3 years while attending B&B. We are blessed to have the teaching team guide her through these crucia times of growth and development and love her while we are at work! Thank you B&B!

Elain Valero

The owner and entire staff have always been on top of any concerns I have had and have been responsive to my child’s needs.

Jeffrey mccormick

The staff is very polite and friendly. The building is very clean and the technology is up to date. I love being able to check the camera in my sons classroom through out the day. I feel like he is safe and in good hands every day.

Melissa Hekman

We have two kiddos at bull fringe and butterflies and we love it. They get a quality education as their teachers prepare them for grade school with all the necessary skills. Our kids also love it there and that means a lot! We do not have to ever worry about the quality of care we receive while we are working and that's huge!

Cory C

Our 4 year old son has been going to Bullfrogs & Butterflies full-time since he turned one year old. He's now in the Preschool program and he absolutely loves going to school. He has always had great teachers who are genuinely invested in his growth and happiness. He cherishes the friendships that he's developed at school. As parents, we feel good knowing that he gets a variety of experiences and lessons at school, ranging from academic to social skills to bible study. They have a thorough curriculum for children of all ages. It's so fun hearing him talk about all the different things he's learned each day. The teachers are always willing to help your child focus on their specific need areas. They have a webcam and an app so you can stay connected with what your child does throughout the day, and they send a daily report at the end of the day as well. We also plan to enroll our newborn in the infant room later this summer. We definitely recommend this center for trusted childcare!

Brianne Harmsen

We have been at B&B for one year now. We feel like our son is very well cared for. We appreciate the communication via the Tadpole app. We also enjoy checking in on the camera throughout the day. The teachers and staff are friendly and always have a smile on their face.


Been at B&B for a few years now. Our children love B&B and talk about what amazing things they did in their classes and what they've learned, every.single.day :-) . They wake up every morning talking about B&B and are excited to go. There is a new exciting adventure everyday. It's reassuring to receive a daily report(verbal/written) and have access to viewing our children online for check-in. The admin staff are always warm, welcoming and attentive to my family. They care, and it shows! Thanks B&B :-) CD


My daughter has meet some of her best friends and Bullfrogs and Butterflies! She talks about them all the time and is excited to go to daycare to play with them.

Betsy Quardokus

This is a great center. My daughter (21 months) really enjoys her time there. The staff takes great care of her! Betsy Quardokus

chandrima de

Best place to keep your child.

Keri Trayers

We recently moved our children into Bullfrogs and Butterflies from an in-home nanny. The owner Joellen has gone out of her way to ensure the transition was seamless and our experience was positive. The center strives to provide a flexible, family-friendly environment. The staff has gone out of their way to make our kids feel welcome and has taken a marked interest in their development. We love the live video feed and the daily Tadpole report. We would definitely recommend Bullfrogs and Butterflies to our family and friends!

Amanda Gucich

I feel that our family could not have chosen a better daycare and pre-school for our children, we are truly blessed. We have a 5-year-old son in the pre-school program and his teachers are the best! My husband and I have worked together with his teachers to overcome obstacles to prepare him for Kindergarten (and beyond!) We also have an 18-month-old in the daycare, who has had some of the most loving, caring and patient teachers. I have even received phone calls from teachers to tell me about milestones. Bullfrogs and Butterflies has become an important first chapter in our childrens' lives. Amanda Gucich

Heather Bergmann

My school-aged children have participated in the summer program for the past two years, as well as other random days here and there, and we have had a generally positive experience. The staff really care about the kids and aim to please. I have never worried about my kids' safety while at the facility or on field trips, and have been very pleased with how my concerns or special requests have been addressed--namely, my kids' dietary needs (we are vegetarian). I am also looking forward to this summer's program, as it appears that Bullfrogs & Butterflies is making a concerted effort to incorporate more Biblical principles into the curriculum. It's a great place for our kids to learn, play, and meet new friends! --H. Bergmann

Erin McKale

My son has been going to Bullfrogs and Butterflies since he was 12 weeks old and I have been extremely happy with the care and education he has been receiving. The entire staff has always gone above and beyond while caring for all of the children. I whole heartedly recommend Bullfrogs and Butterflies.

Christina Evans

I have heard nothing but positive remarks about this establishment! I know numerous people in the local community that send their children here, and they have been pleased with the level of attention and care their children receive on a daily bases. As a stay at home mom, I have the luxury of not sending my child to daycare, however, because of everything I have heard I am proud to say I will be sending her a couple of days a week to try it out! I know she will enjoy her time here and I can't wait for her to make new friends... (myself included) :)

Melissa Falardeau

They are an incredible, caring team. They take a personal interest in each child, catering to each specific need. Both of my children have blossomed while being here. Always learning and caring for others. So impressed with the quality of staff/caregivers. And the Director knows all the children and parents by first name. She is always more then willing to listen too/help address any concerns.


Truly caring. Concerns that did come up were addressed in a timely and caring manner toward all involved.

Former member

We have trusted Bullfrogs and Butterflies Christian Learning Center with all three of our children since 2007. We love the attention to detail and safety. The curriculum is excellent and we were extremely pleased when our son entered kindergarten and was more than ready. Everyone is very nice and our kids love the teachers.

Marrilee Dietsch

We are so happy with Bullfrogs & Butterflies Christian Learning Center! After visiting several centers in the area we couldn't have found a better place for our boys. We are so impressed with how much they have learned being at this center. The teachers are wonderful!

Kara Schroer

Our daughter loves visiting her friends and teachers at Bullfrogs and Butterflies. She has learned so much in the year and a half she's been attending there. We drive 15 plus minutes out of our way each day because we wouldn't trust anyone else with her care. Definitely recommend this fantastic group of child care providers!

jess meibeyer

we have had a wonderful experience with bullfrogs & butterflies, which our 5 year old daughter has attended since she was 11 months old. the center has been great with handling her severe food allergies. they also value diversity and have been very supportive of our family! we highly recommend the center to anyone looking for excellent child care and/or preschool. jess meibeyer

Jennifer Carson

The staff is very friendly and caring. They are willing to work with families to provide the best care for each child. The building is very secure. Any questions or concerns I've had about my child have always been addressed as soon as possible. My daughter really enjoys attending Bullfrogs and Butterflies!

Rachelle Gamble

I feel that Bullfrogs and Butterflies has truly been a gift to our family. We believe B&B has genuine love of all children and strives to meet the needs of the whole child. B&B has demonstrated a commitment to understand each family and their needs; we have two children here, both have required special care in very different ways. There is consistent communication and feedback in regard to their needs and how to best support their development. This is extremely important to us as this is where our children are spending their time away from home!

Xiaoyun Shao

My elder daughter Skyla has been attending Bullfrogs & Butterflies for two years. Now my younger daughter, Sofia, two years old, is attending the center. As parents, it is important to be certain that our children will be loved, that they are safe and secure, that they learn to play with other children in a day care center. Bullfrogs & Butterflies grants me that peace of mind. Each morning when I drop my daughter at the facility, I can say goodbye to her and go to work with trust that she will be properly taken care of. For this, I thank you, Bullfrogs & Butterflies!

Stephanie Watson

We have two children, and have been at Bullfrogs and Butterflies for almost 4 years now. Quite honestly, I hated the thought of leaving my first child at daycare all day while I went to work. My fears quickly subsided, though. With the webcams, I could easily see that she was being taken care of, and the quick bond that she formed with the teachers only helped to solidify what I was seeing on camera. As she grew, every day I was amazed by something new that she had learned – things that I knew she wasn’t learning at home. The baby signing, counting, alphabet, social skills, group prayers that she said for us at dinner, etc. – all of that knowledge just seemed to continue to explode as she grew older. When our second child was born, I didn’t even hesitate about sending him to the same place. Now that they are both a bit older, and we are less than a year away from kindergarten, I am very proud of our choice to send them both to Bullfrogs and Butterflies. Our daughter is more than ready for kindergarten now with what she has been taught, and B & B continues to feed her hunger to learn more. We are grateful for the amazing teachers that have been with us for many years now, and we are thankful for the family-like feeling that we get every time we walk in the door. The Watson Family


I love that my daughter has formed such a bond with her lead teacher. All the caregivers take the time to truly understand and learn the needs of your child. It is wonderful to receive her daily log via email and to get photos/videos each day, is priceless. My daughter has such fun each day with the staff and kids.

Leslie Puckett

We love taking our child to Bullfrogs & Butterflies! The web cam and Tadpole communication system really helps us understand what they are learning on a daily basis and how we can continue that at home!


My children have gone to Bullfrogs & Butterflies for many years and we have always trusted the staff there. B&B has undergone more changes in the last year and it has only enhanced the quality of education and care.

verified current parent

Everyone there is extremely nice. My son LOVES going to school in the morning and he learns so much it’s amazing. I love I can check on him throughout the day. I would recommend everyone to go here. You get what you pay for.

verified current parent

We are new to Bullfrogs and Butterflies and have noticed how clean the daycare is and how friendly and caring the staff is. We also really enjoy being able to log in and see our little one during the day.

verified current parent

We have been part of the Bullfrog and Butterflies family since 2011. During our search for child care and early education centers in the Kalamazoo area we found many good options; however, from the time we walked into B&B we immediately saw they were a step above the rest. After four years at B&B we’re still satisfied with our choice. The centers owner and administration is easily accessible and spend time with the children in the classrooms every day. The staff are friendly and have a passion for their work and the children they care for. Many staff rotate through the rooms and get to know many of the children. The teachers are prepared every day and have the tools they need for nurturing and age appropriate learning. The moral of the B&B team is high as well as the team environment. The preschool has a highly rated curriculum. We’re confident that our son will be ready for kindergarten because of the skillsets he’s learned through the curriculum. We would highly recommend you consider Bullfrog and Butterflies in your search for child care as well as their preschool program.

verified current parent

After taking care of my children at home for the past 3-1/2 years, I decided to go back to work. It has been the best decision my family has made. My 2 kids love going to Bullfrogs and Butterflies and learn a lot! My husband and I have comfort knowing they are well taken care of. Atmosphere is great and staff is always positive and polite! You can't go wrong with this place knowing your kids are in good hands! ~ Erin Stiemsma

verified current parent

We've been very happy with Bullfrog and Butterflies. They provide a comprehensive program for our child and he loves to go each week. - R. Leppard

verified current parent

Joellen and her team have cared for my children for the last 5consolidation years! The staff is kind and genuinely caring. They get to know your child as an individual. My husband and I have erratic work schedules, and Joellen is always willing to try to work with us. Erin Velthuysen

verified current parent

Bullfrogs & Butterflies is a very professional and caring place. They go out of their way to learn the needs of children and accommodate them. We have been sending our children to this center for nearly six years now and have had a great experience overall. Heather Kortlandt

verified current parent

Bullfrogs & Butterflies has a very structured approach to developing your child while nuturing their relationship with God. Their approach will ultimately set children up for success in life.

verified current parent

Since Sam has been at Bullfrogs and Butterflies, he has become so much more social and has learned so much! Bullfrogs and Butterflies, I know, have played a tremendous part in Sam's extensive vocabulary as well as his ability to count among many other things. They were also great when it came to potty training. Sam was completely potty trained by 2 1/2 years old, and I don't think that would have been possible without the help of Bullfrogs and Butterflies staff. They are willing to accommodate just about anything you ask of them, providing peace of mind for you! -Cathy Gray

verified current parent

I have two children at Bullfrogs and Butterflies and would highly recommend their childcare program. Both of my children have benefited immensely from the care they receive and the curriculum that they follow. My oldest is heading to Kindergarten this fall and his preschool teachers have put the utmost level of care into making sure he is prepared both cognitively and emotionally. For a full-time working mom it gives me great peace to know my children are so well taken care of. The ability to get online from work and view what my child is up to is a great perk! We love Bullfrogs & Butterflies...hope you will too!!! - the Anderson/Brooks family

verified current parent

Best experience by far with child care that ive experienced. Joellen and her team of amazing teachers have been so caring and helpful theyve certainly gone above and beyond! I trust them so much with my girls.

verified current parent

Large, clean physical environment with helping loving staff.

verified current parent

I like how structured the days are and the tadpole reports detailing the day that are emailed once the child is checked out daily. It's great to read about what my child did before getting home when it's my husband's day to pick them up. It makes for great dinner conversation to recap the day. I feel my kids are in a safe and nurturing environment which makes it easier to accept not being with them all the time. The teachers are very caring.

verified current parent

The staff at Bullfrogs & Butterflies are a real joy to work with. They care about our daughter's social and emotional well being, and treat her as one of their own. She has learned so much in the time she has attended, and is ready for kindergarten, thanks to the staff. We have always been able to voice concerns and ask questions, and have been met with listening ears and caring hearts. Our daughter is shy, but her teachers recognize that she is just the way God intended her to be, so they celebrate who she is. She is encouraged daily to explore and learn through experience, and her love of art is fostered and appreciated. The other families that we have met through the years are wonderfully supportive. We couldn't be happier with our experience. When we had a concern recently, it was brought to the attention of the director and handled promptly. Joellen and her staff are wonderful!

verified current parent

We love the center! My family has been at Bullfrogs and Butterflies for 5 years! Joellen is a fantastic directer and owner. The staff are always friendly and caring. My son started in the preschool room and is now in the school age program. Both of my boys like to go in the morning!

verified current parent

Our child has been with this provider since he was an infant. He is now 4 and getting ready for their "Ready 4s" program. This program offers great loving care coupled with a very organized learning curriculum for each stage of development! The physical facility is wonderful and clean of course. There are many many activities for the children to learn and grow. Care providers are also very diligent in teaching social skills and nice manners! Our child is well cared for and happy each day. -Robin

verified current parent

My son has been going to Bullfrogs and Butterflies since he was 12 weeks old. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every child is well taken care of.

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