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Preschool in New York, NY 10012

4 Washington Square Village
New York, NY 10012
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Creative Steps is an intimate playgroup for children between between the ages of two and four. The school has three teachers: Gabrielle Andy and Elena and will be adding a forth in the Fall of 2008. The ratio of teachers to students is one to five. The school’s programming is based on art and social development as described in detail in philosophy.

Child Ages:
2 years - 4 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Hours of Operation:
9am - 4 pm

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Teachers are the facilitators of a childs natural social and developmental learning process. This process is centered on the attitude of unconditional positive regard for the child. Respect warmth sharing and quality attention is included in this regard.

Children need to be encouraged to express themselves through verbal communication text/pictures play and art. Children learn through manipulation of objects in their environment as well as creative play. It is through group play role modeling and supportive teaching that children grow socially and emotionally. Group activities/experiences teach young children how to live work and play together. Independent along with guided problem solving help children gain greater independence. It is through this sharing of ideas and problem solving that children will continue to grow into healthy adults.

Our goal at Creative Steps is to awaken your childs spirit and imagination. We want to encourage his/her normal desire for independence and high self-esteem. Helping children develop kindness courtesy and self-discipline will allow them to become a full member of society. In pre-school children learn concentration interest and a love of learning through cooking dramatic play singing story time and art.

Play is a very important and special part of childhood. It allows a child to experiment with the world around him/her and the emotional world inside him/her. To many it might seem like mere childs play but there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Skill building problem solving and overcoming physical and mental challenges are what is taking place during play. Playing with products made especially for preschool children helps a child in building self confidence as well as encouraging independent learning. For the development of their fine and gross motor skills for the growth of eye-hand coordination it is extremely important for him/her to play with the natural things around them. Sand/water/play dough is a very integral part of our school. Giving a child time and playing with them makes them confident human beings. We as adults can enter their world of imagination and fantasy and let them control us. This generally helps in building his/her self confidence. It enables them to find what it is that makes them feel safe and secure with us.

Teachers choose to see a childs problem behavior as an unmet need. We work with each other parents and through observation to discover those unmet needs. This may include helping a child communicate more effectively leading the direction for a child to get what they may want in other ways. We want to work with children on developing coping strategies and calming activities. Yelling shaming and physical punishment are never to be employed as disciplinary measures. Teachers must work together to give consistent messages. We like to use the do instructional method. Disciplinary measures must be immediate and short. A time out should never be longer than the childs age as they do not have the ability to understand or cope with a delayed or extended reprimand. Included in this are consistent firm verbal messages about appropriate/inappropriate behavior. Physical intervention should only be used to block dangerous or destructive activity. Our teachers are committed to try and deter any extreme behavior through the above measures.


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