Lycee International De Los Angeles

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he Lyce International de Los Angeles was founded in 1978 by a small group of people from French, American and other backgrounds and cultures, led by Monique Mickus. They felt that they needed a school that would properly prepare their children for life in an increasingly international environment.

Because the majority of the founders had a French background, the French international educational system was the anchor upon which they based the school’s curriculum.

The school opened in a small house in Van Nuys with only seven students. Some 30 years later, the school has grown to five campuses with more than 900 students and has earned an enviable reputation with its placement of graduates in French universities, grandes coles and within the American university system.

Of the original 1978 founders, two are still on the Board of Trustees. Others have joined the Board which now renews itself regularly. By combining those who have been Trustees for years with new Trustees bringing a fresh perspective, the Board is prepared to meet the 21st century with both maturity and vigor.

Licenses & Accreditations:
California Department of Social Services: Community Care Licensing Division

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It is a definition and indication of who and what we are. It is our raison d’etre and the mark against which we continually measure ourselves and by which we seek new direction.

Our philosophy stems from the principles found in the ideal of the “Renaissance Man,” someone who was well versed in a variety of subjects and renowned for his/her ability to reason clearly. Today, we at the Lyce International attempt to create modern “Renaissance Students” whose knowledge will guide and assist them and whose enjoyment of learning will never cease.

From our beginnings we have dedicated ourselves to preparing students to enter a larger world as educated and responsible adults. Our purposes are:

  • to inculcate a perspective that extends beyond the borders of the student’s own country and culture
  • to create open and orderly minds in a secular and humanistic environment
  • to graduate students who can achieve acceptance and success both in Europe and the United States.

The goals are fulfilled in two languages and through two cultures. The school bases its curriculum on and embraces the philosophies of the French educational system. Combined with this is the heart of the American system which values nurturing the individual.

Through the cultures of these two countries, students learn about the world at large. This demands that students follow a rigorous program which prepares them for further studies in colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.

The cornerstone of our school is the belief that a quality education is one of life’s necessities. We feel that our beliefs and values have produced a school which develops individuality through the creation of a firm foundation.


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