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Choose Your Own Adventure (Dinner): Chili, Mac & Cheese or Chili Mac

26 September 2022

This is a pretty simple idea, but if you want to create a ‘choose your own adventure’ dinner night this is an easy way to do it!

Make your favorite Mac & Cheese recipe (or the box kind works nicely for this and the kids love it anyway ;). At the same time, throw together your normal Chili recipe (here’s a super easy chili recipe if you don’t have your own).

Once both are done, take a few servings of the Chili into a separate pot or large bowl. Then stir in scoops of Mac & Cheese until you get the desired mac to chili ratio.

Serve in three pots or bowls so each member of the family can choose their own dinner adventure!

This is also an awesome leftover night combo!! Be sure to include a veggie! ;)

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