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A Parenting Guide to Keeping Kids Intellectually Engaged Indoors During Sultry Summer Days

22 July 2022

Children are active and immersive learners, so spending more time at home can be especially challenging for our little ones. When daycare isn’t always an option, and the unbearable heat of summer prevents being active outside, parents can help engage their kids and continue offering enrichment with these excellent (and educational) resources from Mom Trusted.

Explore the World From Home

Museums, zoos, and even celebrities offer ways to entertain families online. With only an internet connection, you can see the world.

● Go on virtual field trips all over the world.
● Check in with live streams of animals in zoos and aquariums around the world.
● Take in a virtual theater show, dance performance, or even celebrity story time.

Make Your Home a Dynamic Classroom

Kids can keep learning even when they’re at home. These activities are proof that learning is fun.

● Turn a deck of cards into a mathematical challenge.
● Try pre-planned lessons and activities on fun STEM topics.
● Make YouTube time educational with smart channels for kids.
● Play educational games online or on your smart devices.

Focus on the Family (and Having Fun Together)

Being stuck at home together means more family fun time. Choose meaningful activities to do together, and make memories during tough times.

● Connect with the earth (and each other) with nature-inspired activities.
● Help your kids develop a deeper respect for nature through storm-spotting.
● Teach kids life skills—like cooking—that can last a lifetime.
● Start your own family business, like a YouTube channel.
● If your business takes off, create an LLC for it to operate under. When it comes to
Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), entrepreneurs enjoy certain tax advantages and the protection of personal liability.
● Start a new family ritual that your family will treasure forever.

From stimulating their imaginations to keeping them safe, having your kids at home 24/7 is a tough job, especially when the heat outside makes staying indoors a necessity. With these resources, you can make things a little easier—and more fun—for everyone.

Mom Trusted is a community and set of tools created to help parents searching for early education and care. If you have any questions, please email us at info@momtrusted.com.

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