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Finding a Rewarding Career that is Right for You and Your Family

01 November 2021

When you want to find a career that is rewarding, and right for both you and your family, it can be difficult knowing where to start the process. Knowing what you and your family need and want from life can be difficult. However, by establishing what you do not want to pursue and follow, you can narrow down your choices and your selections, and actually find a career that works for you and your family, the way you want it to. So, to begin with you need to establish what is wrong or not good for you in terms of career paths. For example, if you know that you love houses, but you don’t want to be selling them or renting them out, then a career as a realtor is probably not going to work.

Your Personality

Your traits and your personality define you, and they also provide clues and guidelines about what career paths would suit you and what wouldn’t. So before you go any further, take some time out to write down just what makes you tick. What do you like doing and what do you hate doing? What makes you feel good and what do you enjoy? For example, if you love helping and assisting others then would a career in care be right for you. If you do not match your personality and traits to a career, then you will end up following the wrong career path and ultimately this could leave you unhappy, and your family could feel the effects too.

A Teaching Career

If you love children, then why not take it one step further and turn your attention to teaching children. Seeing children grow and being in a position to see them develop is a privilege. Teaching is a very rewarding career, and is one that can help bring out the best in you and those that you teach. Of course, to train to be a teacher, you will have to go to university and study for a degree if you do not have one already but studying can be completed online and from the comfort of your home, so you can ensure that you do not have to miss out on any quality time with your family.

Nursing and Caring Opportunities

If you love caring for others and you love to make a difference, then have you considered pursuing a career in care? With a career in care, you get to really see and feel the benefits of the work you do, and although care work can be difficult and challenging, you can leave work feeling good about yourself and feeling positive that you have made a real difference. Of course, if you choose to pursue a career in care, it is important that you look after yourself and your well-being. What you see and what you experience can affect you and ultimately this can then affect your family. So, if you do pursue a career in care, it is vital that you actively practice self-care and self-preservation. For example, in nursing self care for nurses is crucial, because nurses see so much on a day to day basis that if they didn’t have care in place, they would end up disillusioned with the work that they carry out and the impact that they have.

Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Of course, there are no perfect careers or jobs out there and it is important that you weigh up the pros and cons for every job or career that you look at. Weighing up the advantages and the disadvantages will allow you to clearly see what is right for you now and what, potentially, could be right for you in the future. For example, if you are looking at a career in teaching, yes you have the advantage of longer holidays, but you also have the pressure of helping potentially large numbers of children get through exams. You may also be planning, marking and preparing for the next day into the early hours of the morning. Achieving a balance in any career can be difficult, but in a career such as teaching, where everything is results driven, you may find the pressure overwhelming and too much to handle.

Voluntary Work

Undertaking voluntary work can help you see what jobs or roles you would enjoy. Making a difference and making a commitment will have an impact on the route you take and, most importantly, with voluntary work you get to take part in a variety of experiences to ensure that you are choosing the right path for you. When it comes to finding voluntary work, you may want to target local providers or you may want to look slightly further afield, just to ensure that you are covering all bases and getting the insights that you need. When you take advantage of voluntary work and opportunities, you get a chance to dip your toes in the water and see what will work for you and your family. If an opportunity does not work out how you have planned, then you will still have gained useful knowledge and tangible skills that can be transferred to another area of work or opportunity.

Work Experience

As well as voluntary experience, you could also use work experience to help you establish what career path is right for you and your family. Work experience that may last weeks or months, will allow you to see and be involved with an industry that you wish to enter. Although work experience may be poorly paid, there is still an advantage to it, because it allows you to be on the frontline and it allows you to see close up what the industry you want to enter holds for you, your family and your future.

Choosing a career that is rewarding may not happen quickly, it may in fact take you months to establish what you want to do. However, if you persist and you stay true to yourself, then you will get what you and your family deserve.

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