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Head Start in Pennsylvania

24 July 2013

Head Start programs in the state of Pennsylvania are there to assist families who need financial help with child care. They also strive to encourage a healthy lifestyle for both the children involved and the entire family. Head Start programs teach education basics and a healthy lifestyle foundation, starting young to help teach kids skills that they can use throughout their lifetimes. The programs all embrace diversity and all low-income children, including those with disabilities, are encouraged to apply.

Who is eligible for Pennsylvania Head Start programs?
Pennsylvania offers the preschool program for children from birth through the age of five years old. It’s meant for low-income families. In order to qualify, families must make less than the following:
• A family of 1 must make less than $11,490 per year.
• A family of 2 must make less than $15,510 per year.
• A family of 3 must make less than $19,530 per year.
• A family of 4 must make less than $23,550 per year.
• A family of 5 must make less than $27,570 per year.
• A family of 6 must make less than $31,590 per year.
• A family of 7 must make less than $35,610 per year.
• A family of 8 must make less than $39,630 per year.

Head Start programs in Pennsylvania focus on:
• Education: language, literacy, general knowledge and cognitive development
• Social skills and emotional development
• Nutrition and physical development
• Health care

How long is the program:
Eligible families can enroll children beginning at birth. The Head Start programs in Pennsylvania last through age 5. Full-day and full-year options are sometimes provided, depending on the child care center that offers it. Usually, however, they’re held four or five days each week, for four to six hours daily.

Head Start programs go beyond the children
Each program also works closely with the families of the enrolled children. It works to enforce strong, positive parent-child relationships. They believe a child’s parents should be the teachers who have the largest positive effect on his or her life. Staff members of Head Start encourage each family to build a strong connection with their Pennsylvanian community. They encourage parents to work as role models and leaders within their communities.

Would you like to enroll in a Pennsylvania Head Start Program? Click here to find the closest center near you: http://momtrusted.com/tag/headstart

Looking to start your own Head Start program in Pennsylvania? Visit our helpful guide: How to Start a Head Start Program.

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