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How to Plan a Fun, Relaxing Family Vacation on a Budget

29 July 2019

Most of us have been on a family vacation at some point, whether with our parents when we were younger or as adults with children of our own. In addition to creating countless memories, these experiences provide opportunities to strengthen family bonds. However, many people don’t realize that family vacations also help to create happy, well-rounded children.

Recently, science has proven healthy family relationships boost physical health for kids and parents. Travel enhances children’s brain development, making them smarter. The most impactful vacations combine playful activities, like building a sandcastle, with exploration, like hiking or biking.

To make the most of your family vacation, carefully plan a trip that’s within your budget. Look for stress-free activities that the whole family will enjoy together, like toasting marshmallows during a camping trip. If you’re trying to save money and are looking for ways to make your family vacation stress-free, here are some tips:

Planning Ahead

Start by setting a budget to determine what you can realistically afford. Next, start pricing hotels and accommodations in a few destinations. As you narrow down your destination options, it helps to be flexible with dates.

When it comes to saving money, timing is everything. A recent airfare study found that flights
are cheapest 70 days before departure. Packing light, looking for sales, setting up airfare alerts on Google Flights, and considering discount airlines like Frontier or Allegiant can save you big bucks.

Bringing the Kids

Whether you fly, drive, or sail to your vacation destination, you’ll probably want some ideas for keeping your kids entertained en route. Favorite books and music can come in handy, along with portable gaming systems, earbuds, and smartphones.

To save money on travel essentials, try searching online for discounts and promos before
purchasing. When shopping for electronics, for instance, you’ll get the most bang for your buck
by looking for tech deals through an online store like Rakuten.

Scheduling a Date Night

Although family vacations have several benefits, most parents crave some solo time. Many cruises and resorts offer childcare areas, allowing parents to spend some time alone. If you’ve been looking for ways to rekindle your romance, Kindred Bravely suggests adding these ideas to your vacation itinerary:

● Just the Two of Us: Something as simple as dinner and a movie can help you reconnect with your partner, especially if you’ve recently had a baby. To boost the intimacy level, search for a romantic restaurant in the area.

● Outdoor Adventure: Spend time with nature by going hiking, canoeing, or bike riding. If you enjoy sports, plan a trip to see a game together.

● Unwind: After the kids fall asleep, plan some relaxation time. Enjoy a couple of DIY spa treatments like massages, or watch a movie together on Netflix.

Don’t fret if your date night doesn’t go completely as planned. As a parent, you’ve mastered rolling with the punches. To remain carefree after a hectic day, remember that prioritizing your relationship is always worth it. Even just five minutes of self-care and alone time can help you relax and reconnect.

Getting Away

As it turns out, that family vacation is more than an excuse to get away for a while. Travel is a powerful way to introduce your child to new experiences, foods, and cultures.

Vacations teach your children (and you) essential skills that can apply to almost any aspect of life. Forbes reports that travel is good for mental health and teaches cognitive skills like problem-solving. Meanwhile, vacationing builds neuroplasticity and creativity by literally rewiring the brain.

By researching destinations, prices, and activities, you can plan for a relaxing family vacation
that works for any budget. What better way to soak up some sun, create lasting memories, and positively impact your child’s life?

Extreme Budget?

Are you on an extreme budget? We’ve got you covered. One of the cheapest activities you can to is stay in and watch a great movie with the family. These days you can find most movies for free or for a small fee online giving you a huge variety of child friendly movies that are also interesting and engaging for adults too!

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