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Daycare Curriculum

08 January 2016

Deciding on appropriate daycare curriculum in your child care center is important because it determines the way your children will learn and grow. Parent’s also want to know that their money is well spent by sending their children to your center. With some help from our friends at TexasDaycare.org, we’ve gathered the four main aspects of daycare curriculum that you should be focusing on in your center.

Hands on experiences are extremely necessary for children in daycare and should be a big part of  your daycare curriculum. These hands on experiences will help children understand abstract concepts that they may have a hard time grasping at such a young age. Hands on experiences also aid in comprehension and improve knowledge retention. Some examples of hands on experiences that you can practice in your classroom are simple science experiments, giving presentations, and even using computers to learn.

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Group activities are crucial because it teaches children how to work on a team. They learn the importance of group contribution and it will aid in their ability to make friends. Group activities will also aid in the growth of their social skills, something all children need to learn to develop. Group activities can include a variety of things including group reading sessions and group presentations.

Children in daycare are definitely not too young to focus on one subject of learning. Starting them at such a young age is actually a good thing! Some examples of things that can be taught in daycare is mathematics, language, the 5 senses, and expressing creativity through art projects. Play time is actually a very important time for young children in daycare. Play time allows children to hone their attention spans and learn to focus on specific tasks. During play time, children will strengthen their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Playing in groups is important as well. This will help develop creative thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

By having your daycare curriculum focus on these 4 main aspects, your children will be in a strong environment where they can easily learn and grow. Make sure you fill parents in on the curriculum in your center and the benefits of each. This way, parents will be extremely clear on what your center teaches and what they can expect their children to be doing on a daily basis.

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