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Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Environment in Child Care

29 September 2014

make child care safe and healthy environment

The top thing that a parent wishes for when they enroll their kids in a child care center is that they will stay in a safe and healthy condition.  One of the main role as a teacher in a child care facility is to help on maintaining a safe and healthy environment for the children to comfortably study and enjoy their stay in your center.  There are minor and major things that you need to bear in mind and it is important to have a checklist for you to not miss out anything.  Here are some important reminders and things that you need to check:

  • Potentially hazardous items has to be kept out of reach of the children. These items include balloons, matches, lighters, scissors, plastic bags, staplers and anything that is labeled “keep out of reach of children”.  Cleaning materials, aerosol cans, medicines are also considered potential dangers.

  • Handbags can be dangerous.  Keep them away from children’s natural inquisitive nature.

  • Use of common sense is important.  Keep coins away from food preparation, cushion should be labeled and should be kept away from children,

  • Keep food completely away from medicines.  Medicines can look like candies to children.  Don’t take risks, keep them separate.

  • Inspect the equipments.  If you noticed that equipment inside your center is damaged and potentially harmful, report it to the management quickly and keep it away from the children.  Never assume that the management is aware about this without you informing them.

  • Good nutrition and outdoor time.  Encourage children to enjoy being outdoors, enjoy the fresh air and enjoy moving their bodies.  Plan healthy meal options during the child’s stay at child care.  Be a role model.  Encourage the children to form the habit of eating healthy food as snacks.  Offer milk or water rather than juice which is low in sugar.  You should offer water frequently throughout the day.  Family style dining is a great option as it encourages the children to eat more.

  • Follow government guidelines on which food to offer and what frequency.  Teachers should be knowledgeable of the six food groups.


For your state’s child care rules and regulations please contact your state child care licensing agency.


The above video was produced by Mrs. Childcare.


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