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5 Prestigious Schools for Your Kids in Houston, TX

22 October 2022

Finding a suitable elementary or high school is no easy task. There are 276 schools in Houston, to be exact. Houston Independent School District is the seventh biggest in the United States.

There’s a diverse culture in Houston. You can read about it in detail at Houstoning. But cultural diversity also demands acceptance and sensitivity in schools. Don’t worry; we have simplified things for you.

5 Prestigious Schools for Your Kids in Houston, TX

Here’s a list of 5 Prestigious Schools In Houston, Texas. The schools have top-class faculties, advanced student programs, and a welcoming school environment.

1. Carnegie Vanguard High School

You can find Carnegie Vanguard High school in the fourth ward of Houston. According to national rankings, it is in 40th place. In Texas alone, it has earned itself 5th. Children from 9th to up to 12th grade can attend this prestigious school.

There is a need to take AP core classes as a part of the school’s curriculum. The students say that the classes can be difficult, but they pave the way and prepare you for college.

The school focuses on character building along with education. Before students graduate, they must partake in 100 hours of community service.

The high school runs the HISD Vanguard Program. Under this, teachers actively try to recognize gifted and talented students. The program offers a specialized curriculum and unique opportunities to identified students.

2. St. John’s School

Families are drawn to St. John’s School because the intensely demanding academic curriculum fosters positive peer pressure.

It can seat 1422 students in K–12th grade. With so many students, the student-to-teacher ratio is astounding, with one teacher per 7 students.

The fee structure for the top class available is $30,515. Almost all graduates of this school continue their education at a four-year university.

Nearly 14% of registered undergraduates acquire economic assistance, which averages $22,000 annually. A student percentage of 35 identify as being from a minority.

3. St. Agnes Academy

St. Agnes Academy is an all-girls private catholic school enrolling 9-12 grade students. This school functions on four foundational pillars- prayer, study, community, and preaching.

Despite the stereotype about catholic schools, this school is quite forward in its ways. Here, women are taught to take action and inspire change.

The students continuously work on projects to spread awareness about sexual discrimination and women’s rights. The girls also learn about workers’ rights and focus on ideas to free humans from modern-day slavery.

Community building is exceptionally well-rounded in this institution. The school preaches hospitality and respect toward all but especially toward marginalized communities.

4. The Awty International School

Many parents struggle to find a long-term school in America due to racial and ethnic discrimination. Kids from minorities keep having to change schools and never feel a sense of community.

The good news is that Awty international school has a strict non-discrimination policy that applies to admissions and loan programs.

The even better news is that this prestigious high school has the most diverse faculty and student group in all of Houston. The school welcomes different traditions but also celebrates various cultures and customs.

The Awty International School runs a language immersion program like no other. Here students can reach their second-language and third-language proficiency. There are languages included from Asian, European, and African regions.

5. The Kinkaid School

The Kinkaid School is a non-sectarian oldest independent, coeducational school in Houston. Spread over 64 acres of land, it has a total enrollment of 1465 students.

With a particular focus on sports, this school has 90 athletic teams in 24 sports. However, this doesn’t mean that the focus has shifted from studies. 63% of the teachers’ faculty have advanced degrees. And 100% of students opt for four-year university programs after graduating.

The extracurricular activities did not get the short end of the stick. The Kinkaid School has 84 individual productions in visual and performing arts. Moreover, an average student completes about 3000 student service hours before graduating.

There is involvement by parents cooperating with teachers on all ends to provide the best education to the students here.


Houston has numerous prestigious schooling options for everyone, no matter where your origins are. A significant theme common to all Houston schools is that they uphold all the values of a community. Bring your children to any one of the schools listed above, and they’d be taken care of.

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