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Pancake Salad Bowl Recipe

01 October 2022

Some of you might be thinking…WHY would you do this?!?! And my kids totally agree with you! :) But sometimes you make pancakes for the crew and they smell so good but you just don’t want all the carbs and sugar that comes with a stack of pancakes with syrup. (Sometimes you do and that’s fine too!)

So here’s how I ‘ruin’ my pancakes (according the the kiddos) by creating a salad from them instead (I actually prefer them this way so I’m not torturing myself in the least…these are the best salads ever!!! New perspective ;).

Cut up the pancake in to squares (approx. 1 in or whatever is most comfortable for you to eat in a salad).

Layer in the parts. In my bowls I used spinach but you can use any greens you like for your salad. Then add the pancake bits, fresh fruit (in this case I used strawberries and blueberries), nuts/seeds/hemp hearts/etc.

Top with a light syrup, homemade simple syrup, or infused olive oil (I know…sounds crazy but it tastes soooo amazing!). The one I used was a orange and lavender infused olive oil. Oh. Ma. Gawwwd! So good.


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