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How to Give Your Teen the Ultimate Bedroom Makeover

11 March 2022

Your teen’s bedroom is likely their haven away from the rest of the home. It’s the place they will go to relax, watch TV, complete their homework, or embrace a hobby. Yet, it might also be one of the messiest rooms in the house.

If you want your teen to carve a space in the family home that’s just for them while encouraging them to develop more pride in their belongings, a bedroom makeover might be an ideal solution. Read the following advice on how to give your teen the ultimate bedroom makeover.

Choose a Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color palette is the best option for a teen’s bedroom, as it will create a more flexible space for their evolving personality, preferences, and interests. If you’re worried the room will appear bland, you can incorporate pops of color and texture through your son or daughter’s bedding, a throw, cushions, prints, motifs, and decorative accents.

Pick the Perfect Bed

A bedroom makeover isn’t complete without a brand-new, comfortable bed. However, it is essential to pick the correct mattress dimensions for your growing teenager. For example, if your teenage son is growing at a rapid pace and might seemingly rival the heights of the tallest NBA players, a twin XL mattress and bed frame might be a smart choice, as it offers legroom for those up to 6ft 7 inches tall. However, if they’re average height or small for their age, a standard twin bed might be a perfect pick.

Find a Sturdy Desk and Comfortable Chair

Your teenager will likely have much homework to complete, tests to sit, and papers to write over the next ten years. Support their studies by investing in a sturdy desk and comfortable chair that will encourage them to crack open the textbooks and focus on passing tests, papers, and assignments with flying colors. Plus, they could even take the durable furniture with them to college.

Create an appealing study space by adding a quality desk lamp, stationery, and storage. Also, position the desk near a window to allow your son or daughter to enjoy natural light and a view when cramming the books.

Incorporate Vertical Storage

If your teen’s bedroom is on the small side, make the most of the space by incorporating more vertical storage solutions. For example, you could install floating shelves, wall-mounted clothing racks, or corner shelving to store outfits, books, candles, trophies, photos, and other treasured items.

Support Organization

A lack of storage options can lead to a messy, disorganized bedroom. Encourage your son or daughter to care for their space by providing various labeled baskets and bins, which they could store inside a wooden cubby unit. It will allow your teenager to clean up after themselves, and it will ensure every item has its place inside their bedroom.

If you follow the above tips and allow your teenage son or daughter to have some input on their new bedroom, you could create a stylish, relaxing, and functional space they will adore.

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