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What to look before spending time with your baby in the garden

15 June 2020

Children of all ages should spend time outdoors for the sake of their health. Being surrounded by nature, whether it is a tree-lined path or enclosed garden, relieves stress. Regular exposure to plants in their environment reduces the risk of allergies later, and playing outside can bolster their immune systems.
Spending more time outside reduces the odds your child needs glasses. All of this explains why you want to take your children outside as soon as possible. Yet you want to protect your child and manage the risks involved.
Before you spent time with your baby in the garden, here are the top seven things we’d recommend getting.

01. A Stroller Cover
Stroller covers are a good way to let your child see the world while protecting them from the harsher elements. Depending on the stroller cover, it may protect from the sun, wind, cold or biting insects. Then your child can enjoy outdoors without getting sunburned or covered in bites.
Stroller covers have the side benefit of making it easier to walk with your child during cold, wet weather instead of driving. Now you aren’t just taking your child outside when the weather is nice.

02. Baby Sunglasses
Baby sunglasses can protect your child’s eyes from glare while still letting them see the world. Note that this doesn’t eliminate the need to keep them cool or protect their skin from sunburn.
A side benefit of toddler sunglasses is that your child may enjoy playing with them instead of grabbing at other things around them.

03. A Suitable Stroller
We’re not going to tell you to buy a jogging stroller or rugged stroller perfect for off-roading. However, you’re going to want a better stroller than the cheap fold-up strollers that are only good for navigating the grocery store.
If you want to take your child on long walks outside, get a durable stroller with wheels that can roll smoothly on pavement and gravel. If you’re just going to take your baby in the garden behind your home, then you can use a basic stroller or simply carry them outside.

04. Stroller Fan
A stroller fan is an eco-friendly way to keep your child cool. The steady stream of air keeps your child cool without chemical ice packs. You don’t have to schedule things to keep refilling the ice pack, either, nor is there a risk of cold burns.
Stroller fans are made to be safe around young children. And you can use the stroller fan in other ways, too. You might attach it to the car seat to keep your child cool while on a car ride or use it too cool off a sweaty child in their crib. Or you could use it as a desk fan.
The only question is whether you want the stroller fan to be run via disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries.

05. A Camping High Chair
A camping high chair is a type of portable high chair. It is lighter than the bulky plastic high chairs you might otherwise own, but it serves the same purpose. This is why you might want to own one simply for giving your child a place to sit at barbecues and restaurants.
The camping high chair gives you a place to put your child where they can see everything but can’t wander around, such as when you’re setting up camp.
Furthermore, your child can sit in the high chair while they eat and drink, and their food can’t be taken by animals.

06. A Toddler Leash
A baby leash or toddler leash is just a leash designed for use with children. A leash like this allows your child to explore, but they can’t get too far from you.
Furthermore, you can literally pull them back instead of running up to them when you want to stop them from touching or climbing something.
An alternative to a baby leash is a wrist link system. This does the same thing, but you don’t have to hold onto the baby leash. Note that these are only an option when your child is walking.

07. Travel Friendly Play Yard
A travel friendly play yard has a number of benefits. You can set it up quickly and let your child play inside of it. They can be set up outside, so your child can see the world but not explore it. Put your baby in a play yard while you play with the older children in the pool.
Let the baby play in a play yard while older siblings play on a swing set. Or let the baby play in the play yard while you mow the grass. Pull up weeds or kill fire ants without leaving your child alone inside, knowing your child is safe and secure in the play yard.

Parents want to take their children outside for their health, but you need to balance this with safety and security. We’ve recommended seven different products that can go a long way toward helping you and your child enjoy the outdoors.

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