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Let's Go Fishing Preschool Activity Idea

12 October 2021

This is a fun preschool activity when you’re stuck inside due to weather or if you’re doing a wildlife or camping theme. Now let’s go fishing!

1 – Make a fishing pole (or several) using a stick and a piece of yarn or rope with a magnet attached to the end.

2 – Cut out paper fish, ducks, flowers, frogs and other water wildlife.

3 – Attach a magnet to each one and place around the floor.

3 – If you have one fishing pole, have your children take turns “fishing”.

4 – Call out an object and let the kids try to catch that specific item. OR let them fish for whatever they choose and let them talk about their “catches” afterward.

If you want to go all out, make a boat out of cardboard like the one Childhood Beckons made in the image above!! So fun! :)

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