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A Guide on Orientation Training for Child Care Providers in Pennsylvania

15 May 2014

Any type of child care facility needs to undergo and participate in an orientation training 12 months prior to opening based on Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare regulations before a license to operate will be granted. It is important this orientation will be attended by any child care provider if they are planning to apply for a license. This includes new child care providers and those who want to open a new facility on a new location.

The orientation will be organized and provided by a Regional Office of Child Development and Early Learning at any location statewide. There are two types of orientation – one for certified facilities and one for registered facilities. The orientation normally lasts for a day and focuses on issues related to opening and operating a new child care facility. Important topics are covered on the orientation session which includes regulations, application process and other requirements that must be met prior to issuance of license.

Once done with the orientation, the attendee will receive a certificate which will be attached when filing an application for a certificate of compliance or registration/license to open a new facility. If this certificate is not submitted, the application is incomplete. Bear in mind that this orientation is a must and has to be submitted to the Department of Public Welfare for an initial inspection on the facility to be scheduled.

For further information and complete details regarding the orientation training, you may visit Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare website.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare

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