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Halloween Party Idea: Spooky Ice Hands

24 October 2017

hand lead

Use household gloves to make some ghostly hands to add to Halloween party games and decor!

You’ll need

  • disposable gloves (use something flexible that you’re comfortable using around kids – if you’re not interested in using latex, consider using some kitchen gloves)

  • food dye (green seemed the spookiest!)

  • freezer, butcher, wax, or parchment paper 

hand 1

The night (or week!) before: fill your glove of choice with water, and add food dye to desired color. We added a lot of green because we wanted the “hands” to really stand out!  Next time, we’ll experiment with lots more colors.

hand 3

Tie up the ends of the gloves.  If you’re using a thicker kitchen glove, you may have to twist the end and secure (tight!) with a rubberband.

hand 4

Put the gloves in the freezer.  Because the wet gloves might freeze to the sides of the freezer, consider setting the gloves on a sheet of freezer paper to ensure you can easily remove them later.

hand 5

On the day of: take your gloves out of the freezer.  Keep them on ice until you’re really ready to use them!  We ran them under a lukewarm tap for a few seconds to “loosen the skin”.  

Then carefully peel back the gloves, taking extra care not to break off any fingers!  Add your icy hands to a bucket of apples and for some spooky bobbing-for-apples action, or use in a a cooler at a party.  Imagine going to grab a drink and having this ghoulish green hand grabbing you!

hand 6

Make a few extras…we learned the hard way that the “fingers” are very fragile!


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