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Letter Preschool Activities

06 March 2017

It is so much fun to search Pinterest and the web for preschool ideas! There is such a plethora of information and resources and creative people out there sharing their works of art and ways to make a difference in education. When searching for something ultra-specific like, letter preschool activities, you can find loads of cute ideas. You can use big blocks (similar to Legos but much larger) and put stickers or tape on them with capital and lowercase letters on them. The preschool students could match the capital and lowercase letters or connect a few blocks to create simple words.

Letter crafts are also amazing letter preschool activities. You can focus an entire day on one letter and your craft for the day could be centered around that letter. For example, you could create an alligator out of the capital letter A or a butterfly out of the capital letter B. The preschool children can use various materials to make the letter look very much like the animal or object. Example of a Letter M Monster above…see more about that specific activity here: EarlyTeacher.com/2013/02/01/monster-m

With a quick search online you should be able to find some color-by-letters coloring sheets. These are much like the classic color-by-numbers coloring sheets but allow the students to work on their alphabet. Along with these activities for identifying letters, you can find worksheets for the students that have a random assortment of letters on it and the students must highlight a particular letter that they find repeatedly in the mix. Another great way for students to identify letters is to set up letter BINGO and create an exciting game atmosphere while learning.

One of my most memorable ways that I learned to write letters and words as a child was writing in shaving cream on my desk with my finger. It was such an exciting sensory experience! First of all, it seemed like we were doing something naughty by getting our desks all lathered in shaving cream and then we could stick our fingers in it and smear it around! While doing this activity, you can demonstrate the finger sweeping motions on the SMART board or in front of the class by another method and the students can mimic your motions. For more sensory activities visit: earlylearning.momtrusted.com

Another method of letter preschool activity is great for a differentiated classroom. For accelerated learners, you could ask them to write the alphabet on a white board and have a partner (that may not be able to write the letters) erase each letter by tracing it with a Q-tip. It is always important to challenge your over achievers and to make sure to allow all students an opportunity to succeed.

Happy lettering!

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