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Diaper Changing Procedures in Child Care

14 November 2014

While not all these recommendations may be required in your state, here are some good practices and quality standards for your diaper changing procedures in child care stations.

- the diaper changing station should have a seamless and smooth surface and be clear of unrelated items
- a handwashing sink must be near the diaper changing area and should have running water temperature of 86 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
- written changing procedures and rules should be posted so they are visible during changings
- remind staff that they cannot prepare food or bottles in the diaper changing sink or use it for any other purpose besides diapering
- the station should have 2 containers available, one for soiled clothing and the other for soiled diapers

For your state’s diaper changing rules and regulations please contact your state child care licensing agency.

The above information was produced by the Arizona Department of Health and Services.

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