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Teacher Math: How Much are Preschool Salaries Across the U.S.?

15 October 2014

How much are preschool salaries across the U.S.? Well, salaries in the preschool profession range drastically across the country. From lead preschool teachers to subs, here at Preschool Teacher Salary, we wanted to examine preschool salaries across the U.S. We broke down what different positions in the industry make, in different cities across the country, and compared them in some big cities in the East, West, Midwest and South. Here’s what we found:

Overall, preschool teachers from federally funded programs make quite a bit more annually than teachers in private institutions. Nation-wide, assistance preK teachers make less than substitutes, but in some cities, such as New York City and San Francisco, assistant preschool teachers actually make slightly more than subs. Out of all the cities we compared, Los Angeles drew the short stick when it came to income in every profession. Across different jobs and parts of the country, we found that big cities make significantly more annually than the national average. So, if you’re looking to make big bucks in preschool, head to a big city.



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