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What You Need to Know About Getting Your Early Childhood Education Degree

14 October 2014


What kind of early childhood education degree do I need?

The type of degree you need completely depends on which age of children you plan on working with and which early education role you’re after. Most preschool teaching positions require an associate degree, while teaching older children in early education requires a bachelor’s degree. Librarians and principals are required to hold a bachelor’s and, for principals, a master’s is usually preferred. Many administrative positions in early education require a master’s, but may give preference to candidates who hold a PhD.

How long will it take me to graduate?

That depends on the degree you pursue. An associate degree takes two years to obtain, while a bachelor’s program typically lasts four years. A master’s requires an additional two years to the four-year-bachelors, but some early education degrees allow students to zip right through with a five-year program, cutting off the extra year. PhDs usually take around four or five years to complete, in addition to the four-year bachelor’s degree already under your belt.

What are the top schools for early childhood education?

U.S. News ranked the highest education graduate programs out there. They included, Vanderbilt University, Johns Hopkins and Harvard. 

How much will an early childhood education degree cost?

The cost depends completely on the program you decide to go with. A bachelor’s degree in early education could cost as little as $23,000 or as much as $50,000. An associate degree will probably fall on or below the low end of that scale, while a master’s or PhD requires a bachelor’s plus additional years in school, making both much more expensive. You’re best off selecting your top choices and comparing prices from there. Don’t forget to apply for scholarships to help lower the cost of your early childhood education degree!



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