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Top Jobs in Education Inside and Outside the Classroom

13 April 2016

Love kids, but not sure teaching is right up your alley? Traditional teaching isn’t the only job in education. Here are the top jobs in education, from classroom-based to outside of teaching, that let you work with kids in different ways:

Special Ed Teachers

Special education definitely takes a lot of patience and creativity, but it can be one of the most rewarding career paths in education. Plus, special education teachers often make more than other teachers with a starting salary of over $40,000.


Library work is an excellent way to interact with a variety of kids each and every day. A school librarian should have excellent organizational skills and a desire to help children both learn to read and find topics and books that interest them. Today, a librarian should have excellent computational skills as well. Librarians who work in education make anywhere from $42,000 to $75,000, but more often closer to the low end of the range. Library techs are also an option, but these tend to make much less, starting at just over $18,000 per year.


As students get older, counselors are often there to help with class scheduling and college preparation and applications, but counselors in early education often deal more with problem solving, student well-being and work as a bridge between children, teachers and parents. Counselors usually hold master’s degrees and make over $38,000 each year.

Speech Pathologists

Speech therapists get to help students outside of the classroom. They’re there for those who need a little extra help speaking, whether it be due to a speech impediment or another special speech obstacle. Either way, it can be incredibly rewarding work. Speech pathologists typically make at least $42,000 per year.



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