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Early Childhood Education Salary Bonuses

11 April 2016

It’s something we all hear a lot, that teachers are overworked and underpaid. This was true before the economy crash and, unfortunately, it still remains the case. Teachers get up at the crack of dawn, deal with temper tantrums and messes and, let’s face it, an early childhood education salary is barely enough to pay the bills. At the same time, there has to be a reason smart, educated people keep signing on for jobs in early ed. Here are a few priceless, early childhood education salary bonuses that come with the job:

The freedom to let your creativity fly.

In what other career do fully-grown adults get to finger paint, play dress-up and sing at work? Most would agree that playing with Play-doh sounds a lot more fun than sitting in a cubicle.

Seeing a classroom of happy faces.

Dealing with crabby customers or clients on a power trip usually comes with the job. But for teachers and workers in early ed, clients are nearly always excited and smiling. Sure, every once in a while, someone has a bad day or a grumpy outburst, but you know a new song or a fun game will easily distract him or her.

A mid-day break.

While the kids grab some zzzs, teachers get a chance to recharge and gear up for the second part of the day.

Summer vacation

Everyone knows that one of the biggest perks of working in early education is summer vacation. Not all workers get to enjoy it, especially with private schools leaning toward year-round more and more, but even if you don’t get the whole summer off, early education workers tend to get ample time off during the holidays.

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