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Early Childhood Education Degrees

09 April 2016

Interested in working with young kids, but not sure which degree you need? It really depends on the position you’re going for. Some jobs don’t require a degree at all, while with others you’re better off with a master’s. Here are the basics you need to know about early childhood education degrees and which to pursue:

No degree

While it may be tough, it is possible to get a career at a child care center without a degree. You’ll probably need at least an associate’s or a bachelor’s to progress quickly though.

Associate’s degree

Most child care centers would prefer their staff members to hold an associate’s degree. Some preschools will also take on teachers and teacher’s assistants with a two-year degree, but you’ll need to get at least a four-year to progress very high or quickly.

Bachelor’s degree

It’s pretty safe to say that a bachelor’s degree will snag you just about any position in early childhood education that you’re striving for. From a role as a librarian or as an elementary school teacher, a bachelor’s degree will get you pretty far. Infact, one is nearly required for teaching children older than preschoolers.

Master’s degree

Today, a master’s is one of the early childhood education degrees that will snag you just about any position. They’re especially valuable for getting higher positions, such as school principals or educational grant writers.



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