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How to Own a Daycare : Child Care Worker Background Screening

25 September 2014

How to Own a Daycare : Child Care Worker Background Screening



A thorough background screening for child care workers is very important to confirm that the person you’ll hire has no criminal record.  In most states, no one with a criminal record in the child care system is allowed and a background check can confirm if the person has a clean record.

  • People working with children need to be screened carefully so that you will not have someone who uses inappropriate behavior with children.

  • Each state has a very specific way of checking backgrounds.

  • Do a local check if the person has been in your local county for a period of time otherwise you’ll have to go outside your county and do a local check.

  • Each individual who wants to work in your facility should be thoroughly screened to be sure that there is nothing in their background that would indicate that they have ever been accused of abusing, neglecting or doing anything that can be harmful to children.

  • Get the correct forms, fill them out then send everything to your state agency so that all your employees and applicants can be screened and will be able to work in your center.


For your state’s child care rules and regulations please contact your state child care licensing agency.


The above video was made by Sarah Norris.


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