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Little Sprouts Offer Literacy-Based Early Education

30 September 2013


At Mom Trusted, we always keep an eye out for unique child care centers, with a big impact. Little Sprouts early education centers are spread all over Boston and Southern New Hampshire. They not only offer child care, but have a unique learning approach, based on literacy. Little Sprouts strives to offer individualized care for each child and each child’s learning style.


The network of early education centers has been around for three decades. Now, their centers reach over 1,000 families, offering early edu to children through their 17 centers. The company’s received several award and honors over the years for their unique care and learning philosophy.


Little Sprouts prides itself on its safe environment, quality care takers and educators and individualized learning. They also promise their clients reading efficiency for their children. Ninety-three percent of students are early-reading proficient by the time they finish the program and 64 percent read at an advanced level.


How does Little Sprouts manage such high success rates with reading? First of all, they monitor each child’s progress closely and every one receives a monthly check-in to gauge literary and learning progress. The Budding Scholars approach to teaching seen at Little Sprouts facilities helps with, not only reading proficiency, but also a life-long love of learning and academic success.


The Budding Scholars learning approach focuses on four areas of mental and social development. The citizen portion teaches kids how to share and communicate, learning with children around them. The scholar portion focuses primarily on academic literacy. The mind part of the Budding Scholars approach keeps the brain sharp and developing at a rapid rate through challenges and mind stimulation. Finally, there’s a focus on the body that teaches physical strength, balance and motor skills for a well-balanced education.




-Little Sprouts: http://www.littlesprouts.com/

-“Little Sprouts named World’s greatest in early education” Digital Journal: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1453165

-Photo courtesy of Phaitoon at freedigitalphotos.net

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