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Subjects: Biology Lessons, Chemistry Lessons, Vocabulary Lessons, Grammar Lessons, Geometry Lessons, Reading Lessons, Writing Lessons, English Lessons, Elementary Math Lessons, Elementary science Lessons, and Elementary (K-6th) Lessons

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Free Lesson Preparation,GRE:Math163/166,Verbal164/170,Writing5.5/6.0

As an experienced academic tutor who has worked with a wide range of students, Phoebe is familiar with the various curriculums of a vicissitudes of schools and test preparations. This enables her to better comprehend and prepare lessons in accordance to the needs of her students. Phoebe?s anchoring philosophy rests upon the fact that while we may not start on a leveled field in this life; however, motivation, hard work and foremost the right tutor can go a long way in helping students reach t…

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verified wyzant user

Reyna A. from Los Angeles, CA If anyone needs a tutor, please consider Phoebe. She has worked great for our family. She is currently tutoring both of my daughter's. One in High School(Geometry) and the other one in her Second Year of College (Statistics). She is well educated, very professional, patient, responds quickly and has an amazing work ethic. Thank You, Phoebe!

verified wyzant user

Christine Z. from Los Angeles, CA Phoebe's diligent and conscientious tutoring made all the difference to my sixteen year-old daughter who has been living and studying in Europe for 8 years. We were so very impressed by Phoebe's thorough and clear approach to teaching the higher levels of math. She prepared herself very well by making sure she understood what my daughter had been doing overseas. Before the first tutoring session. I really appreciated the extra effort. My daughter had failed her precalculus level class. With Phoebe's explanation, practice and advice, my daughter returned to her school to retake the year's exams, both written and oral. I am happy to say she not only passed, but performed the oral exam with no mistakes!!! After the exam, her professor thanked me for having such good tutoring while we were on holiday in the States, because my daughter, she said, demonstrated thorough understanding of the concepts. Phoebe is truly a gift to math students and their parents!

verified wyzant user

Bonnie E. from Venice, CA Phoebe is an excellent tutor. She is always well-prepared for my sessions and was very patient with me. She did a great job of covering all of the material possible during our sessions together, and was great at explaining test strategies as well as all different types of problems that the GRE would throw at me. I would definitely recommend Phoebe to anyone looking for a dedicated, smart and friendly tutor. 5 stars!

verified wyzant user

Curtis M. from South Pasadena, CA I took the TEAS test once and did not do well. I felt that I needed a tutor to help me improve my scores, especially in Reading Comprehension and Grammar. After 24 hours of tutoring with Phoebe over a two month period, I dramatically improved both my Reading Comprehension and Grammar. I improved my Reading Comprehension percentile ranking by 27 points and my Grammar by 36 points, while my overall percentile ranking went up by 22 points. I'm sure that if I had another two months with Phoebe, I would have done even better!

verified wyzant user

Christina L. from Pasadena, CA Phoebe is the best tutor any one could ask for. She is so helpful, understanding, and patient. I needed tutoring for the TEAS test. I had previously taken the exam, but failed it. So, I decided to hire a tutor. Phoebe tutored me on Biology, Chemistry, and English because these subjects were my weakest points. She made it easy for me to understand each subject. I recently took the Teas test and PASSED!! I wouldn't have been able to do this without Phoebe. I couldn't ask for a better tutor. She is super smart and knows what she is doing. She is always prepared and ready to go. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

verified wyzant user

Gabrielle C. from Valley Village, CA I'd really like to highly recommend Phoebe as a math tutor. I was extremely worried about taking the Cbest(High School level) maths exam in order to be credentialed as a teacher here. My record as a math student is very bad. Phoebe persuaded me that I could succeed in math (which she loves herself) and that with steady work and regular sessions with her I would succeed and I did! On the day of the exam her training and hard work kicked in and I managed to pass my Cbest math exam first time and with excellent results! She is extremely positive, very patient and a talented mathematician so if you don't understand the math one way she can show you numerous other approaches to help you get to grips with the concepts. In fact Phoebe never gives up on you which gives you a great sense of security. And finally she is great fun to work with too. I never thought I'd find math enjoyable but with Phoebe I did. I am so pleased I chose her as my tutor.

verified wyzant user

Gail R. from Los Angeles, CA Phoebe tutored my son in Algebra11 and now she is tutoring him in pre-calc. Because of her pedagogical techniques he clearly understands the material. After every lesson, Phoebe emails me a concise breakdown of every detail that she went over in the lesson and then she will also comment on certain elements of how my son was responding through the session. I have 3 children and have worked with many tutors and since working with Phoebe... I have found perfection.

verified wyzant user

Raya C. from Los Angeles, CA I recently took the Statistics 10 course at UCLA and found myself to be struggling with the material after the first midterm. I'm pretty mathematically challenged and needed someone who could go through the lectures with me and explain them slowly and thoroughly. Phoebe was a great tutor and went out of her way to help me grasp the concepts and prepare for my exams. She always made sure that I really understood things and she always made time for us to meet up. I would definitely recommend Phoebe as a tutor!

verified wyzant user

Jonathan L. from Torrance, CA In just a couple sessions I have learned so much, and I already know my GRE scores are going to increase! She really puts in the effort to help you, and I couldn't ask for a better tutor.

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