Happy Hearts Montessori

Preschool in Lynnwood, WA 98036

Our classroom provides a warm, comfortable setting where children can stretch their abilities to the maximum. The prepared environment provides structure that allows freedom for social, emotional and academic growth. The classroom belongs to the children. Children should not be put into a slot or molded simply because of their age. Children differ in their social, emotional, and academic levels. Mixing the ages brings out the best in the children. The influence the children have on one another is heartwarming and amazing.

They can work by themselves, or with a friend, or a group of friends. They can spend as much time as needed in any activity.

They have opportunities to do things they see their parents do at home. They can serve a snack, plant, and arrange flowers. They can learn to tie shoes, work a zipper, use snaps and buttons. They can listen to music, sing, and dance. They can paint, draw, and work with play dough. They can learn to count or make words. They can look at books about the wondrous things in the world around them. They can look at a globe and look at pictures taken of different parts of the world. and they can have fun with their friends.

Most visitors to a Montessori program are amazed at how peaceful, pleasant, and well behaved the children are. Children want to be liked; they want to be accepted members of the group. Therefore, a child having difficulty needs help. The child simply needs to be shown in a positive way, how to meet his needs. This makes the classroom a very pleasant place for both the children and the teacher. The keys to this process are:

  • An environment prepared to meet the childrens needs.
  • A teacher trained in positive, constructive methods of helping children.
  • A teacher with the personal skills to show encouragement, caring and patience.

On Behavior- The teacher will intervene to protect the rights of the child if the Three Ds should occur:

  • The child is disturbing the activities of another.
  • The child is dangerous to himself or another.
  • The child is destructive of the learning materials.

I will help them by suggesting a different direction for the play, adding new materials, taking a role in the play or redirecting them to different activities. I will briefly demonstrate and discuss the various ways different materials can be used appropriately.
At times children will take small items from school home. Often these items are not expensive, but more importantly, a valuable piece or part of material used in class. Often they are irreplaceable. No need for embarrassment. Please return the item to class. Simply tell your child that they dont take things from class to bring home; even if they really love them.

Child Ages:
3 years - 10 years
Licenses & Accreditations:
Washington State Department of Early Learning
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 6:45 AM - 6:00PM

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